Your garden should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable and safe in, that’s why it is essential that it offers you a sense of privacy.


You may think making your garden more private will take a lot of hard work, but there are many simple things you can do to make your backyard more private.


For our top tips for making your garden more private, have a read of this.


1. Put up a fence


The simplest way to create privacy in your garden is to put a fence.


Depending on what type of fencing you choose, fences can keep neighbors and passers-by from seeing into your garden. As well as creating a feeling of safety and confinement, making a fence the perfect option if you have young children or pets.


If you decide that building a fence is the best way to make your garden more private, think about the type of fencing you want. Make sure to select and type of fence and material that works well with the style of your home and garden. To get some ideas about the different kinds of fencing available, have a look at what is on offer at Awards Fencing.


2. Grow hedges


If putting up fencing feel too enclosing, then consider growing or planting large hedges. There are many different varieties of shrubs that are perfect for using to bring privacy to your garden.


To create a natural look, make sure to mix it up a bit by planting different types of shrubs. To add extra colour and height to your hedging, consider planting a couple of trees too. By planting lots of different shrubs and trees, you can create a beautiful, natural hedge.


For a less relaxed look, plant one type of shrub and prune it regularly. Instead of just pruning your shrubs into a square shape, you could consider a more artistic design.


Before pruning your shrubs make sure to find out when the best time to prune each plant is – pruning times vary for each plant.


3. Invest in a pergola

While a pergola won’t close off your garden like fencing, it is perfect for adding a sense of privacy to your yard.


To create a private retreat within your garden, cover your pergola with climbing plants and vines. By covering your pergola in greenery, you can create a secluded retreat, perfect for relaxing in.


To add extra privacy, you could also run lattice fencing along the sides of the pergola, between the columns. Or, you could use sheets of waterproof material to create curtains for your pergola, adding additional privacy to the space.


4. Lattice fencing


If there are a couple of spots in your garden that could do with a little more privacy, consider using lattice fencing to create a more private space.


Lattice panels are low-cost and easy to put in, making them an excellent way to create privacy in your garden, without overspending. For added privacy and to help make your lattice fencing part of the garden, you could grow vine plants across them.