These days no kitchen really seems to be complete without a shiny espresso machine in pride of place on the worktop. There are machines of every shape and size so even the smallest of kitchens can be accommodated. They also vary in how complicated they are, which means that there is an espresso machine to suit everyone from those who simply can’t function in the morning without their perfect cup of pod produced java to the espresso aficionado for whom only the best will do. But sometimes the sheer amount of choice available can actually leave people scratching their heads unsure of which machine to purchase. Luckily the range of Nespresso Maestria machines is pretty much perfect for everyone as the following 3 things will show.

The first thing to understand about the Nespresso Maestria is that the designers looked at the meticulous ritual that professionals use to prepare coffee and then used that as their inspiration. They worked out ways to simplify the process so that it would be easier for people to carry out at home, with a little practice. This means that when you use a Nespresso Maestria machine at home you will experience the sights and sounds that you would get in your favorite coffee shop and be able to create the perfect cup of coffee to suit you.

There are two machines in this range – the Nespresso Maestria and the Gran Maestria. They feature a rounded edged retro look that is very reminiscent of traditional espresso machines used by professionals. The great thing though is that up to the minute technology has been used to ensure that they provide you with everything that you could possibly need from an espresso machine. For example, the retro looking dials on the front of the machine allow you to choose the precise length of cup that you require. There is also a pivoting cup stand so that you can adapt your coffee recipe and size to suit your preferences and mood. So you now actually have all of the options that would be available to you in your favorite coffee house.

Another great thing about the Nespresso Maestria range is that it actually allows you to create perfect frothy milk. Many other machines fail quite badly when it comes to creating the perfect frothy milk, which is no good if your favorite drink happens to be the cappuccino or latte. In fact there are many other coffee recipes that call for frothy milk, so if you have a machine that is incapable of making it then you are missing out. The Nespresso Maestria has a steam pipe on the side of the machine that uses cutting edge air intake technology. This produces the perfect frothy milk every time that you can adjust to your taste or to each coffee recipe.

The Nespresso Maestria range of machines really is the perfect addition to any kitchen and they create the perfect cup of coffee every time. So if you want a bit more of a say in how your coffee is made or want the option to explore new coffee recipes, then the Nespresso Maestria is the perfect choice for you. You can even purchase the Barista kit to make yourself feel like a true professional!