At the forefront of interior design are your furniture pieces. Your choice of furniture will solidify the look and feel of your home. Fixtures, fittings, colour schemes, flooring and everything else will merely be seen as complementary to your furniture once everything is in place. If you’re building, refurbishing or performing a quick interior upgrade on your home in 2016, you’ll need to know what trends you can expect to see in furniture stores this year. In 2016, expect to observe 3 very obvious furniture design trends.

  1. Mango Furniture To Soar in Popularity

Beautiful woods are a weakness of many. Deep colouring especially can give a lovely warm and sophisticated feel to wooden furniture. Mango furniture is set to be a very prominent interior design feature in 2016. Sleek, timeless and luxurious all at once, mango wood furniture pieces command attention offering that ideal level of sophistication that dark woods are so adored for.

Mango wood lends itself beautifully to book cases, desks, coffee tables, sideboards, TV units, dining sets and even storage drawers. Whether you want to add a touch of class to a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room or study, adding a mango furniture piece can immediately help you to achieve that “luxury”, “classic” look and feel.

  1. Peculiar Pedestals Propping Up Unused Space

While clean, minimalist design is still very popular, interior designers are looking to fill up a little more space in 2016. However instead of filling in space with bulky furniture, expect to see interior designers selecting perky, peculiar pedestals to occupy unused space.

Wood pedestals, marble pedestals, brass pedestals and stone pedestals of various shapes and sizes will all play a key role in interior design in 2016. They can serve as stand along design feature or be used to exhibit sculptures or flowers. It’s likely that they will be a prime preferred seating area for some of your pets! When it comes to choosing a pedestal, the more peculiar the shape and design the better.

  1. Rounded Furniture Returns

When it comes to design, everything is getting more rounded – even the iPhone! It’s no surprise that curved aesthetics have started making waves in home interior design. Rounded furniture, particularly marble and wood furniture, is becoming increasingly popular.

A rounded furniture piece perfectly complements the popular minimalist interior design trend. It looks smoother, more inviting to touch and like a more complete piece. According to designer Glenn Lawson of Lawson Fenning in Los Angeles “Radial and bullnose edges soften hard materials like marble.” Rounded furniture pieces have been proven in various studies to create better feng shui, promoting better well-being and sociability. For those of you with little ones in the home, rounded furniture pieces can ensure less bumps and bruises from bumping into furniture.

So there you have it. When designing a living space in 2016, think rounded furniture, mango wood furniture and peculiar pedestals to occupy space. Who knows, perhaps the 3 top design trends could actually be complementary of each other and work in tandem?