Summer has just arrived in Australia and it’s shaping up to be a scorcher. Australian’s are all about backyard entertaining, especially throughout the hot summer months and this year is no different. Here are 4 simple outdoor entertaining tips to use this summer to keep your guests coming back for more.


Festivities for the Foodies

Foodies are becoming the norm in Australia. Thanks to the food network and reality entertainment like Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules, everyone is experimenting more and more with culinary delights. Unfortunately for some this means that the old fashioned Aussie barbie could become a little dull for your guests. Try mixing it up with a vegan only barbecue so that everyone can experience something different, or simply whip up an impressive dessert for later in the style of Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

It’s all about the Atmosphere

Backyard entertaining, while simple and relaxed, should still provide a better atmosphere for your guests than simply sitting in a couple of plastic chairs in the middle of your yard. String some fairy lights above your veranda and around your outdoor setting.

Lanterns or fairy lights for night-time glow instantly make a small space prettier.” – Lisa Green, Editor in Chief of Australian House & Garden in an interview with hipages.

Better yet, incorporate a fire pit. Not only does this bring up the ambience it will also provide your guests a place to roast marshmallows, make smores and warm up as the sun sets.


Cool Down

Make sure everyone has an opportunity to cool down. If you’re going to be entertaining during the day, then you’ll need to provide enough refreshment so your guests don’t get too tired from the heat. Make some homemade icy poles to hand out to everyone, this works especially well if you make both kid and adult versions if you’ll be entertaining whole families. When entertaining young children, let them splash about in a kiddie pool, if you’re not lucky enough to live in a home with a larger version.

Seating Arrangements

Before inviting your guests, make sure you have enough seating. Even if it’s not a formal sit-down affair, it’s likely your guests will all want to sit down at the same time at one point or another throughout the day. If you’re big on entertaining you’ll definitely want to consider upgrading to a large and sturdy dining setting or outdoor lounge suite if you haven’t already. Cheap wooden and plastic settings will often only last one season, so this is one area where it really pays to spend a little more up front. Keep in mind that even more expensive wood settings require a lot of maintenance, so you may want to opt for a metal based table and chairs instead if you’re not up to the task.

Hopefully these small tips will help your family and friends enjoy some quality time together outdoors this summer.