Not every homeowner has the dream of owning a farm, but others see it as their life goal. Having a large plot of land to call your own, surrounded by nature and away from the hectic city life. These are just a few perks of owning your own farmland. Not to mention the wide open space that can be used for growing crops and raising animals.


If owning farmland is a dream of yours, you should start looking into farms for sale today. No matter which part of the United States you live in, chances are there are some beautiful pieces of land nearby. Making the land purchase might just be the most exciting day of your life. During the search for the perfect piece of farmland be sure to think about these 4 things.

Consider the location first and foremost


No matter what kind of property you’re in the market for, you have probably heard the importance of location, location, location. Whether you’re buying a beach condo, a mountain cabin, or a piece of farmland, always think about the location.


Think of the surrounding area and what it offers. Do you want to live out in the wide open space, but also close-ish to a big city? Location is the first thing you should think about when purchasing any property.


Do your research on different types of land beforehand


You’d be surprised to find out just how many different types of farmland there are. The main types are greenfield land and brownfield land. Greenfield means that the land has never been developed (and is typically still green for that reason). Brownfield land, on the other hand, has been previously developed typically for crops.


Each type of land requires different planning requirements, so this is definitely something to think about before making a purchase. The best way to decide the type of land that is for you is establishing beforehand what your plan are for the farm.


Shop around!


A huge mistake of potential farm buyers is that they sign the papers for the first property they come across. You might think your options are limited, but there tends to be a lot of land on the market. Sometimes it’s just not publicly advertised, so hire an agent that can dig deep and find under-the-radar properties for sale.


Hire a reputable surveyor


In the sale of a house, apartment, or condo, you would always hire a professional inspector to check things out. Proper inspections are crucial, as they could find some potential problems within the property. Purchasing a farm requires a different kind of inspection, but it should happen regardless.


You’ll want to hire a reputable surveyor to take a look at the land before you spend a huge chunk of money on it. A surveyor can give you the exact coordinates of the land and also look into certain safety factors – like overhead power lines or the risk of flooding. Certain surveyors can also tell you about the soil health and whether it is suitable for cropland.