When you live in a high rise building, it is essential that you are able to store all your stuff properly and with ease to avoid your condo from looking too crowded when visitors come to visit your home. Who likes living in a cramped home anyway?

Like Louie Santaguida’s mantra when it comes to condominiums and living peacefully with the environment, always be practical with your living patterns, because this will help you make your living space healthier, cleaner and peaceful. Having said that, here are 11 ways you can add storage to your condo unit:

  • Turn your bed into a storage space – there are many crazy ways on how to make your bed useful for creating more space in your bedroom. You can make use of the bottom of your bed, and turn it into a storage by putting spaces in between one another to form small knick knack drawers, that are good for placing books, cellular phones, shoes, and etc. you can also use the spaces to put baskets, so that you can place more items inside it. When you are done with the baskets, you can just shove them back in the small spaces that you have created and it will look like a cabinet underneath your bed.

  • Get a multi purpose table – multipurpose tables can be found anywhere, and are very popular as space savers, especially for small apartments and condominiums. There are many kinds, and these tables can be extended or reduced depending on the design that you choose. But these are generally a very good investment in the long run.

  • Make use of shoeboxes – When you say innovative, that also means that you can be creative with how you use everyday items that normally get thrown away. Shoeboxes can actually make good storage compartments for your home. These can be placed anywhere like: underneath your bed, cabinet, coffee table, cupboard, television table, and etc. this will also save you a lot of money, since you do not have to buy any boxes from the store. It is eco friendly and totally reusable.

  • Turn your chairs into storage – This may sound funny, but there are actually chairs where in you can lift the seats to reveal a little storage nook for books or kitchenware. It’s called an ottoman. These kinds of chairs can be found in any department store, and are set at very affordable prices. These will not only save on drawer and cabinet space, but it is also be a great way to hide things kitchen ware bandits who borrow things from you and not returning them.

  • Buy a storage chest – Storage chests are also very useful, and can give you a lot of storage, but always remember to get the appropriate size so that it does not take up too much space in your home.

Hopefully these simple tips can help make your home look airy and spacious.