Having a home where you can rest and relax is important. If your house is cluttered, it brings more stress and you wouldn’t be able to have peace of mind if you are surrounded by clutter. You don’t have to live in a cluttered house. All you have to do is do a bit of de-cluttering to bring some order into your home. If you have no idea where to start, here are five easy ways on how you can de-clutter your house.


  1. Schedule your de-cluttering – We’ve all had our lazy moments and when it comes to cleaning, most of us want to procrastinate. If you want to remove the clutter from your house, it would be helpful to schedule a weekend and dedicate it to de-cluttering to get the job done once and for all. You may not finish everything in one day, but if you start, you will get a lot of things done!


  1. Use boxes when de-cluttering – It is easy to be overwhelmed with a lot of trash that you see. To make things easier for you, have three boxes or big garbage bags and segregate items into three categories – keep, give away, and trash. Doing this will make things more organized, as you can just toss the items in their respective categories. Check out labelcity.com for a label printer to mark the boxes before you put them in storage. You will be able to clear your house in no time. Go through all the rooms in your home and you will easily be clutter-free.


  1. Complete each task – If you have rooms in your home that are full of clutter, it might be a daunting task to clear all the trash and rubbish away. When you start de-cluttering, don’t move on to another task unless you have finished the task that you are doing. It will be faster for you to de-clutter your house if you see progress. Start with one room and move your way towards the other rooms. You don’t have to do everything in one day, but make sure that you finish the tasks that you start.


  1. Time yourself – De-cluttering a house can be quicker and easier if you set a time for yourself. For instance, set aside an hour or two to de-clutter your bedroom. If you know that you are racing against time to finish your task, you will be more efficient. You can even make it a fun activity for your entire family. Get everyone involved and your home will be free of trash quickly.


  1. Put items you don’t need in storage – There are items that you can’t let go, but you don’t necessarily need in your home. For these items, it is best to keep them in a facility such as Santa Monica storage so that you get to keep these items and at the same time, have a clutter-free environment in your house. By doing this, you still have the things you love and you will also have a clean home where you can truly spend the day resting and relaxing without having to think about all the clutter.