When it comes to bedroom storage, it can be daunting to venture outside of the usual chest of drawers or wardrobe space, but sometimes the situation demands it. Whether you’re looking for more storage for your clothing, or you can’t seem to fit everything you own into the layout of your bedroom as it currently is, here are five unique ways to increase your storage space and make a splash with your bedroom design.

Make your chest of drawers a headboard

If your bed isn’t adjacent to a wall, you can get a long chest of drawers and have the backside of it serve as a headboard. This will increase your options for the layout of your bedroom by giving you more space around the walls and privacy when you’re in bed.


If your bedroom doesn’t include a built-in wardrobe–or has a tiny wardrobe–you can create additional storage space by installing a cupboard along one wall. This storage solution can be sleek (just make sure you choose a neutral colour to blend in with your decor, and it takes up minimal bedroom space.

Get a trunk that can double as a seating area.

Trunks are good for storing everything from clothing to shoes to handbags. And when you’re not searching through it for today’s outfit, you can use it as a seating space. Just cover it with a cushion, which you can fashion from old upholstery or curtains to match your bedroom décor.

Use your bed for storage

This may sound like a crazy idea, but if you have space underneath your bed, you could invest in several short but wide roll-away bins and keep them tucked underneath. A coverlet will conceal them from view, and you’ll not have wasted any valuable space and you’ll have created a contemporary bedroom in the process.

Single-column shelves on both sides of your bed.

This kind of storage, if you have a smaller headboard, can create a bookshelf effect. It adds character to your decor because it acts as storage but it also gives a stylish view of the items that matter most to you, which are the things that most people keep at their bedside. Display photos, books you like to read before bed and scented candles, for example.