furniture1With summer on the way, everybody’s looking ahead to barbecues and long days spent outside in the sun – so now’s the time to take a look at  your garden furniture and see if you’ve got enough seating and table room for all those get-togethers. But it’s important to make sure you make the right choice when you invest in new features for your home, so before you start browsing garden furniture from Debenhams take a look at our guide below.

Choosing materials

Probably the first thing to consider is the materials your garden furniture is made out of, as this has the biggest impact on cost and durability. Plastic is cheap, easy to clean and water-resistant, although it tends to be very light (which means it could get blown around in high winds!) and doesn’t look quite as impressive as other materials.

Meanwhile, cast iron is much more solid and often conveys an attractively “vintage” appearance, although it is prone to rust and pitting if it’s left outdoors without maintenance. To avoid this, try to keep it clean and as free of rust stains as possible, or consider painting it to protect the metal.

Wood is another popular choice, as it’s long-lasting, affordable and available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. Wicker is comfortable and attractive, but make sure you choose furniture with a close weave for durability, as low-quality wicker is prone to breaking down over time.

Choosing Styles

Just as with interior furniture, there’s a huge range of styles to choose from with garden furniture, from rustic charm to modern sophistication.

It’s worth browsing through a number of different styles to find something that matches the atmosphere you want to create in your garden: do you want it to be a large, welcoming place where all your friends can relax, a private sanctuary just or a vantage point from which to enjoy your beautiful garden?

It’s worth taking out a tape measure and working out exactly how much space you have for furniture – you don’t want your garden to become cramped and overcrowded, but at the same time you should try to have enough room for people to sit if you’re planning on holding barbecues and garden parties.

Extra Touches

If you’re making a space for people to sit outside, why not think about adding a few more things to make it more pleasant. Patio heaters will allow you stay outdoors for longer as the nights draw in and the summer begins to wane, or alternatively a fire pit – which doubles up as a barbecue – offers a more rustic source of heat.

Good lighting should also be a consideration: you can choose a single floodlight to illuminate the seating area, or dot multiple lights around the space for a more interesting effect. You could even weave fairy lights into trees and bushes to draw attention to the best parts of your garden.