Infill Development: What Does It Mean?

December 15, 2018

New houses bring to mind large, sprawling properties, winding roads, and the peace and quiet that comes with being far from the hustle and bustle of the urban heartbeat of downtown. But it also tends to mean commuting, traffic, poor transit, and lack of walkability.   While cities are putting their greenfield developments on hold, […]


Things You Need to Know about Unclogging a Blocked Toilet

August 20, 2018

The last thing every homeowner wants to think about is potty talk. Nonetheless, every so soon, homeowners find themselves with a clogged toilet, and that’s what makes it a necessity. While it may be critical to contact a professional plumber for some cases, homeowners can handle minor toilet clogs themselves. Below are some of the […]


3 Great Benefits of Elastomeric Membrane Roofing

July 19, 2018

These days, it seems there are more options available than ever before when determining which materials to use to protect the roof of a home or business. While many homeowners stick with traditional asphalt shingles, an increasing number are discovering what business owners already know — that an efficient elastomeric membrane roofing is actually the […]


What to Expect When Working with a Plumber

July 19, 2018

Plumbing issues are no fun and often times require needing to hire a plumber to repair. To make the whole repair process go smoother, you should know what to expect when working with a plumber. But not just any plumber will do, you want to always work with a professional and trusting plumber for the […]


The Most Important Upgrades to Your Home

June 30, 2018

When you’ve been living in your home for a while, your thoughts inevitably to turn to renovations and improvements: now you know the property and you’ve lived in it, you have the insight you need to make it fit your life better, and express your personality through your property. There is another important consideration to […]


How to Decide if You Should Repair or Replace a Fridge

June 29, 2018

Few appliances get more use than your refrigerator. After all, it is literally operating at all times of the day, helping to preserve your food and drinks by keeping them at a stable temperature. But when your fridge starts to experience performance trouble or consume more energy than it should, how can you tell if […]


How To Prevent Fleas From Taking Over Your Home And Yard

February 24, 2017

What are Flea’s Fleas are insects that are about three millimeters long. There are over 2,500 species of fleas. They are parasites that feed on warm-blooded animals, such as rabbits, dogs and cats. When a person or animal is bitten by a flea, the area may start to itch. Some people also develop an allergic […]


3 Reasons to Leave House Painting to the Professionals

February 15, 2017

Many people think house painting doesn’t seem like a daunting job at first, but they soon change their minds when they get engrossed in the task. There are numerous reasons why the best approach is always to let professionals take care of this home maintenance necessity. Professionals Have the Necessary Knowledge for the Best Results […]


Prep Your Furnace for Winter’s Cold Weather

December 11, 2016

Once Old Man Winter blows in the frosty weather, it’s too late to discover that your furnace isn’t working. Much like a swamp cooler must be prepared for the summer heat, your gas or electric heater must be prepped for when the Fahrenheit drops, and this goes beyond checking the air filters. Light the Pilot […]

Modern kitchen

Light Or Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

December 3, 2016

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets can make a big difference to the basic style and design of your home. What you need to remember is that cabinets, according to the NKBA, take up as much as 30% of the average kitchen’s remodeling budget. One of the questions that many people ask when deciding what type […]