3 Keys to a Successful Holiday Party

December 15, 2018

The holiday season is in full swing, and whether you’re planning a get-together with friends and family or a party for the entire office, hosting your own holiday event can quickly become an overwhelming task. Though you can hire an event planner to help you plan larger parties, following these essential principles will ensure that […]


4 Home Fixes that Can’t Wait for Tomorrow

October 19, 2018

Updating your home is one thing; making sure your space is safe for habitation is another. While many look at home improvements as adding value to their property and their personal enjoyment, for others they are necessary—some of them right away.   Here are a few “fixes” that can spell emergency if not handled right […]


Why subcontracting should always be an option

October 19, 2018

Having a business is time consuming and it requires lots of financial investments. It takes more than just a good product or service to have a successful business. You have to make sure your communications, finances, human resources and everything else works fine to accomplish your professional goals. Except if you’re super lucky quickly, time […]

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Moving things is easier than you think

October 19, 2018

The need of moving stuff is frequent. We like to change and our needs always evolve. For the relocation of your house or your office, moving your stuff can appear as impossible. You can also need to send unwieldy things to other people and you don’t have the possibility to follow the articles and make […]


Top Mistakes New Travelers Make

August 16, 2018

Traveling can either be very fun, or it can be very stressful (or more often than not, a little bit of both). Traveling is also bound to be even more naturally stressful for new travelers such as yourself, especially if you’re going to be going on your own. But the truth is that a lot […]


Falling in Love with Cooking Again

March 28, 2018

Even those who don’t mind, or even say they love cooking, can hit a slump when they enter the kitchen. Repetitive meals, lack of inspiration and motivation can lead to an increase in take-out boxes and frozen chicken wings during the week. Once you are in a cooking rut, it takes a shock of some […]


Tips and Advice For Buying A Safe Car

October 1, 2017

Many people keep safety in mind when buying a new or used car, but it can be hard with so many vehicles on the market to know which car suits your lifestyle and needs. While one person might be more concerned about car seat safety, someone else could be equally concerned about airbags or brakes. […]


5 Tips For Boosting Efficiency in an Office Environment

March 30, 2017

The thorn in the side of many managers is the plethora of ways in which employees and colleagues can procrastinate. Some less inventive ways to waste employer time include the constant trawling of social media, staring at cat videos on YouTube, and endlessly updating your professional profile (here’s looking at you, LinkedIn!) If you’re looking […]


Understanding the Difference Between a Regular Accountant and a Chartered Accountant

June 30, 2016

Financial matters are among the most confusing and complex subjects. In order to adhere to government laws and protect our finances, we need proper record keeping and accurate filing. This is why we need an accountant – a professional who has the training and experience in managing our financials effectively. But you may be wondering […]

Make Your Car Comfortable Step 4

Little Ways You Can Make Your Car a Nicer Place to Be

February 5, 2016

Your car isn’t just a way for you to get from point A to point B, it can also be a sanctuary and an enjoyable environment to be in. If you spend a lot of time in your car on your commute to work, it’s worth adding a few accessories that will make it a […]