We spend a lot of time thinking about the way our homes look from the inside, but have you ever thought about what the outside of your home looks like? It’s just as important, especially as it’s always visible; any passer-by will glance at your home! We can neglect a lot with our busy schedules; our gardens may become overgrown, our driveways may become muddy and ridden with weeds, the bricks of our houses may get covered in moss and even the paintwork on our doors may begin to crumble, so it’s important to give the exterior of your home a makeover every now and then!

Begin with the clean-up operation; hire a jet washer and use it to remove moss, dirt, spider webs and weeds from your path and your front door. Once you are satisfied everything is spotless, now is the time to do some weed killing. Make sure you get into every crevice of the paving slabs to ensure no plant pests escape. A good tip is to use baking soda as a weed killer – it changes the PH of the soil, which would kill you plants too, but since you don’t want anything to grow on your driveway or in between your paving slabs anyway you can be quite liberal with this homemade method here!

Next job is to sand down your door and get ready to give it a new coat of paint – the paint on your door is exposed to the elements every day, so it will need a heavy duty outdoor paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colour of your door; we don’t all need to conform to traditional black or brown. Postbox red or bright, primary blue both look fantastic on doors, as do pastel colours, but don’t be afraid to try something wild – unless it really clashes with your neighbours…

It’s not just your door that can be painted – have you ever considered painting your house too? Country cottages look especially pretty in white or very, very pale pink. You can even style your home by mixing and matching the colours of your home and the colours of your flowers; for example, a pale pink cottage with look beautiful with a trellis of scarlet roses, and a white cottage with really make the blue tones of lobelia pop!

“Accessorise” the front of your home with pretty, boldly coloured patio pots and containers, then even pick out a unique door knocker, some hanging baskets, and a house name plaque. It’s little things like this that truly make a house a home.

This guest post was written by Holly Powell on behalf of www.corfestone.com, suppliers of building products for the exterior of your home.