There have been significant advancements in the equipment used for concrete floor polishing. Today, you can polish concrete floors easily with the right equipment. Usually, the equipment used for polishing these floors includes:

– Garden sprayer
– A densifier that is lithium silicate based
– Diamond girt pads
– Floor scrubber
– Concrete cleaning solution

Before you start the process of polishing concrete floors, ensure that you buy the concrete cleaning chemicals mentioned above. With this in place, you can commence the process of polishing your concrete floor without having to use wax or polish.

The first step when polishing concrete floors involves cleaning the concrete. Ensure that the floor is free from oils, stains, paints and other types of materials that change the general look of the floor. Also, you should ensure that the cracks as well as pit marks that are found on the concrete undergo repair.

The next procedure is the application of the densifier, which strengthens the concrete floor and protects it from water as well as moisture. This densifier also assists to achieve a better look. The garden sprayer is used to apply the lithium silicate densifier. Take note that there are different kinds of densifiers in the market with the most recommended type being the one that is able to penetrate through the concrete floor. In case you utilize a densifier that tends to form a coat on the concrete, it will be eliminated during the first floor scrub.

Next, buy or rent a floor scrubbing machine. It is also essential to buy some diamond grit kind of pads. You can begin with the 100, 200, 300,400 and 500 grit pads. Start out with the 100 grit pad and ensure that you go over the concrete floor twice. Repeat the same process with the 200, 300, 400 and 500 grit pads. If you feel satisfied with the glossy look after utilizing the 300 grit, then you do not need to go any further. The 500 grit pad will give you a mirror shine look. It is worth mentioning that you can choose to use higher grits if you so wish.

Since polish or wax was not used, then there is no need to clean up. In the case the glossy look on the floor begins to fade away, and then you can simply re-grind the concrete floor using the grit pads.

Using this method to polish concrete floors has several benefits. In the situation that you utilize wax or polish, the polish wears off quite fast and in less than two years you will have done a lot of maintenance and upkeep. You also have to be concerned about issues like discoloration, UV fading and slip free surface. On the contrary, when you use the diamond grit pads to polish concrete floors, then you do not have to worry about maintenance issues.

The procedure of polishing concrete floors was first developed in the mid 1990s and a lot of improvements have been done since then. Most of those who were marketing the procedure billed it as a no maintenance kind of floor. However, all floors will require some little maintenance. Concrete Floor Cleaning from Xtreme Polishing Systems will provide you with professional services and an excellent outcome.