Everyone knows that where you live is a key part of your life. But it can also feed directly into your sense of personal style. When you enter someone’s home for the first time, you often find yourself looking around to get clues about the person you’re visiting. When people come to your house, you can bet that they’re doing the exact same thing. The way a house is constructed, how old it is and what it’s made of will all contribute to your personal style as a homeowner. In the same way that a car or job will define you as a person, so too will the property you own.


You should make this a key consideration in any purchase that you make. And it is not only a consideration concerned with style. The type of house or flat you own will be feed into what you spend your life doing. Location is obviously a huge concern. If you choose to live in the countryside you will be able to afford a larger house, whereas in the city you will be limited by your budget. You should think about whether you want many rooms to house a family or whether you’re seeking a bachelor pad for you to live in alone.


Add to all of this the general hassle of finding a new place and locating mortgage brokers in Brisbane. With all of these practical factors to consider, the fact of personal style can be somewhat obscured. Here are a few of the most popular design styles that will say a lot about you as a homeowner.


Modern and Minimal


A modern and minimal style can be the perfect personal statement. Think clear and crisp colours, and minimal practical furniture on the inside. The structure itself will usually be a relatively new one, with modern materials and plenty of distinct shapes. This can be one of the biggest style statements to make as a property owner, and it certainly is a timeless choice if you’re into the Yuppie/James Bond villain look.




If you’re into older property, then there’s nothing wrong with finding something with a bit of history. There are plenty of new developments in and around cities, but hidden away in the back streets there are plenty of buildings that put an emphasis on class and style. Converted factories make for a particularly interesting choice. They retain a beautiful exterior whilst having a fantastic, open and flexible space within.


Shared Accommodation


Nothing says as much about you as the company you keep. The perfect choice for younger people, especially because rents are so astronomically high. Buying or renting a property that makes allowances for your friends is a great way to engross yourself in a social and outgoing lifestyle. This will also always be a collaborative lifestyle, where you can all pitch in on the designing of the shared spaces. Of course, with your own room you’ll also be free to have a space that is entirely your own.