Three Ways You Can Make More Space In Your HomeOwning a home carries significant responsibility for upkeep and maintenance, but it’s also vital to consider various methods that might help to increase the home’s value. For home owners interested in do-it-yourself projects, there are a few uncomplicated projects installations to consider that will make the home more appealing to buyers and may allow the home owner to increase the listing price when placing it on the market.

Replace Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

The faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are some of the most-used elements in the entire home, and making sure that they are shiny and updated will enhance the face value of the home with very little effort. Faucets and other fixtures are particularly simple to upgrade and switch out, and will often be one of the first places a person’s eyes travel when they enter a bathroom. Modern faucets offer all sorts of neat options like motion sensor or knob-free operation.

Install Rail Track Lighting

Lighting may be used as a way to improve illumination of a space and to update the appearance of a home and installing track lighting is an easy, modern way to update a room. Many styles exist for track lighting, and today’s options don’t even require special lighting transformers as they can be powered by a standard preexisting junction box. Track lighting kits may be purchased that contain all the pieces needed for easy installation.

Install a Home Security Network

Just like a car receiving lower insurance rates if it has a security system, a home with a security system is worth more on the open market. There are many types of home security systems available today that will keep you and your family safe while potentially increasing the value of your home at the same time. features like a video security system or a motion sensors will help you when sleeping or on a vacation.

Add Storage Options

One of the first questions a prospective home buyer might ask when he or she tours a home is how much storage space the house offers. Lots of closets and cabinets are an attractive element in a home and will make it appealing to a wider selection of home seekers. Extra shelves in the garage, additional cabinets in the kitchen, or unique shelving within bedroom closets looks terrific and costs nothing more than the cut wood, some paint, and some nails to secure the shelves. And if you’re looking for more sturdier shelving, check out Schaefer Shelving.