Sports, clubs, and organizations are all great activities for young people to participate in.  They build a sense of belonging for kids, as well as helping them develop social skills.  Many of these things will teach good sportsmanship, work ethic and team building skills that can all be used later in life.  What kids learn is not the only thing these activities have in common.  They all cost money.  No matter which way you roll the dice, money is needed from somewhere to fund these activities.  One way to help support the activity is by having the participants do a fundraiser.  While helping your club’s financial needs, many life lessons can also be learned by doing a fundraiser.

Finding a nice area like Richmond Hill real estate properties to do you’re fundraising in is the first step to success.  A nice neighborhood is usually more capable and willing to help out with fundraising efforts.  If knocking door to door while doing the fundraiser a nice neighborhood is also needed.  While safety will always be a concern, knocking on doors in a nice neighborhood with parent supervision will be much safer and comforting for young fundraisers.  Having the kids go in pairs or groups of three will also help them feel comfortable and confident enough to speak to strangers. Never have a child knock on any door alone, even if you’re watching from a nearby vehicle.  The risk isn’t worth it.    In addition to finding a great neighborhood to host your fund raiser there are a few other things to consider.

Teaching the participants how to sell products will help them have confidence while doing the fundraiser and will be a skill they can use later in life.  The first part of selling products is presenting yourself in a positive and confidant manner.  These alone are skills we should want to instill in our youth.  Talk to the participants about what they should wear and how they should look during the fundraiser.  If there is a club shirt or team uniform that can be worn, it should be worn.  This will identify the fundraisers and why they are trying to earn money.  It will also be easier to keep track of kids while they are out in the neighborhood.  In addition to having the proper clothes on, the kids should be clean and have good hygiene.

Next, take a few moments and go over some selling tips for the kids.  Remind them to make eye contact when speaking to someone and use a voice that is loud and clear.  Help them practice talking politely, while rehearsing what and why they are selling the chosen item(s).  Having them practice asking for the sale will build their confidence for when the time comes to really sell something.

If you’ve taken the time to find a great neighborhood similar to Richmond Hill real estate properties, helped the kids look the part, and given them some tips on how to sell, your fundraiser should be a success.  Along with the financial needs being met, the kids will have learned valuable life lesson while having fun at the same time.