Whether you’re a dog, cat, horse, gerbil, goldfish or any kind of pet lover, there are always some teething problems with getting accustomed to having a new animal in your home. For some people getting a pet sounds like their worst nightmare as there are too many new responsibilities that come with looking after one. But if you are an animal lover and are willing to commit to having one, a pet can be the most exciting addition to your home and family!

Choose the right pet for you

This is the first step and most important part of the process as you don’t want to regret buying one! There are many things to consider in this decision, such as the size of the pet. Generally, the smaller the animal, the easier they are to look after… For example, pets that are small and require minimal attention such as a fish or a hamster may be a better option for you if you have limited space that you can dedicate to them in your home. Whereas if you are able to look after a bigger animal like a cat or dog then this will also help you to decide.

The amount of exercise and movement a pet will require will also be a deciding factor and this will be dependent on how much you are willing to commit to looking after one. Some people like to buy dogs which require walking as it can be a great way of improving their own health and making them more active.

We can also all be guilty of picking a pet based on how much we like the look of them! So choose a pet you know you will love the face of.

Preparing to bring your pet home

Getting ready for your new pet can be a very simple process, provided you only have a few things to buy like their cage or fish tank! However, for other pets you may have to essentially pet proof your house – for example, cats need to be able to scratch something, so make sure you buy a scratching pole to avoid any cat scratches on your kitchen cupboard doors or sofas!

Other ways to prepare yourselves is to read up on the pet, there are lots of helpful books out there which can provide you with all the information you need to make welcoming your new pet home enjoyable. Being properly prepared will set you up with the confidence to commit to your pet and share a new and loving relationship.