Getting the Most Out of Your KitchenGone are the days when most people could spend the entire day in the kitchen, baking pies and preparing elaborate meals for their families. Just because your day is filled with other activities like work and errands, though, doesn’t mean you can’t find the time to whip up some healthy and delicious goodies. Modern technology gives you methods to cut down on time spent in the kitchen while still getting great results.


1. Slow Cookers


Instead of spending hours monitoring a roast in your oven so you can baste it and keep it from drying out, try using one of these handy little cookers instead. Throw your meat, vegetables, and liquid in before you head to work in the morning and let it cook all day so you can come home to a tender dish that is ready to go with just a couple of quick side dishes.


2. Hair Dryers


Believe it or not, a hair dryer can be just as useful in the kitchen as it is in the bathroom. Grab your hair dryer out of your bathroom cabinet and use it to soften frosting just enough to help you make professional-style cakes, saving you money on store-bought creations while letting you customize your family’s birthday desserts.


3. Food Processors and Blenders


You might be able to chop and dice vegetables on a cutting board just as well today as chefs did in ages past, but it takes so much time; and sharp knives can be a danger to unsuspecting fingers. Instead of putting your hands through the wringer, save time and your fingers by putting your fruits and veggies into a food processor or blender instead. There are numerous food processor and blendtec blender options, so choose what fits your needs.


4. Toaster Ovens


You could use a full-size oven instead, but toaster ovens will save you time when you want to make a quick snack like mini pizzas or crispy appetizers for two. The small space heats up more quickly than an oven and helps you keep your energy bills down by cutting out the need to heat large spaces that you don’t need.


5. The Triangle


While the kitchen work triangle may not be a technological invention, anyone who has tried working in a poorly planned kitchen knows that it can be frustrating and time-wasting. Plan you kitchen with three main points being the refrigerator, the sink and the stove to create a work triangle that will put your most-used areas of the kitchen within comfortable reach.