A look at the latest trend in garden buildings and how they can be used to create extra living space in the most stylish fashion.

We are a nation of gardeners, when it stops raining long enough for us to actually garden. The British love of the great outdoors is known across the world but sadly, no one told our climate that it is supposed to co-operate. It fails to deter us, however and we still flock to the garden centre aisles of our local do it yourself store every bank holiday. Alongside the planting, trimming and mowing that we like to indulge in we also have a fondness for outdoor buildings. Nearly all of us have some sort of shed tucked away in our garden and some have even aspired to a summer house if they have enough room, but outdoor living need no longer be available only to those with large gardens, as a new shed on the market, the “Pod” can create a whole new living area even for those with limited space.

What Is A Pod
Pods are also known as an eco homes. What are they? Well they are wooden structures designed to sit neatly in your garden and provide all the comforts of a room inside the house. These clever little buildings can be self assembled or will come ready made to just be sited in the garden. The smallest in the range is proving popular as an office space for home workers; providing just enough room for a desk and some equipment. The largest in the range can accommodate two people with a small living area so is ideal as a guest house or teenagers living space.

Eco Friendly
All the buildings in the range are what are known as sustainable; this means that despite being completely weatherproof the Pod is constructed entirely of reusable materials and is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Fully insulated they are warm and cosy in the winter but can be opened up in the summer to allow the outside to come in.

How you fill your eco home is of course up to you, but try and adhere to the feel of the building. Outdoor rooms usually have floors created from wood or tiles so that they are easy to clean and increase the light and airy effect of the room itself. Unlike a conservatory these constructions are contemporary in design so lend themselves well to minimalist styling, leather furnishings and modern shelving. They make ideal dining areas for that meal with a difference as your guests can admire the gardens around them whilst eating and for providing that sense of “going to work” for the home worker they are invaluable as they are an office space outside the back door with no distractions. These creations are also often used as holiday homes as they are easy to construct and can be altered or
re-sited at any time. Because of this if you decide to move you can take your eco homes with you and set it up elsewhere.


This look at outside living was written by Rick, an experienced freelance writer, interested in the sustainable environment and how it can improve on the way we live. To know more visit this website to make the most of your outdoor space.