If you are looking to add a conservatory to your house, then depending on the type it may add quite a bit of value if you decide to sell in the future. Generally, conservatories are not seen as the main way or quick fix in order to boost a property’s potential sale price, an actual extension is often one of the main ways to achieve this but requires a larger investment of money and time to do properly.

If for the moment however you just want some extra space added to your kitchen or dining room, or new home office, adding a conservatory is a very cost effective and quick way to achieve it, and they often do not require planning permission.

There are many types of conservatories to choose from depending on the type of property you’re looking to add to and budget.

Traditional styles of conservatories are extremely popular with old buildings and houses, where they blend the style of old with new materials; PVC and aluminum for example.  Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian styles of conservatories all take elements of their respective architectural periods to create an exterior that tries to blend the original house with the new conservatory.

With more modern house designs and differing tastes in style, contemporary styles have become a lot more popular in recent years. Bespoke designs and the use of a variety of materials allow people to have something that are tailored to their own needs. Some contemporary styles include Orangeries – made from timber and masonry, Lean-tos – great for bungalows or other buildings where the height of the building restricts the height of the conservatory and low budgets, Gable ended – more of a contemporary Edwardian style and P shapes – ideal for detached or large houses.

Obviously spending more money on a large Gable ended conservatory that uses matching materials is going to add more value than a small lean-to if you want to sell in the future. But value is also weighed in what people want to spend their time doing with the extra space. Someone who has a relatively small conservatory, but has transformed it into a summer room with tropical plants, for a keen gardener or botanist would be the most valuable part of their house.  As the current housing market is still not what it was five years, then investing in any conservatory will only help to add some value.

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