When we were children and teenagers, our bedrooms were an enormous part of our lives. Amongst other purposes, the bedroom served as the setting for long lie-ins during growth spurts, a place to gossip with friends away from prying parents and an area to study. However, as we get older, the bedroom loses its significance. Most people use their bedroom as a place to sleep, and not much else. Most time is spent in the more “social” environments of the kitchen and living room. But doesn’t it seem illogical and a shame not to use the space we have in our homes to its full potential? Here we discuss how you can make a few simple changes to your bedroom to turn it into a multi-purpose room.


Make your bedroom more welcoming


The first thing you can do is to make some changes that will make your bedroom more inviting as a place to spend time. Because we spend minimal time in our bedrooms, they can end up being neglected when it comes to cleaning and tidying. The bedroom can often be used as a dumping ground for many nonessential items. When transforming your bedroom into a multi-purpose room, first spend some time cleaning and organising the space. This may involve reconsidering the layout of your bedroom to make the best use of the space for sleeping as well as for other purposes.


Think about the lighting. With more natural light, the space will instantly become more welcoming as an area to spend your time in. Consider blackout blinds that when down will create a dark space for sleep and while up, will allow natural light to flood into the room.


Additionally, make sure the room is comfortable in terms of temperature. If it is a cold room, consider the use of heaters and rugs to warm the space up when you are spending time in there. Alternatively, if you find the room too stuffy, you may wish to think about opening the windows during the day to let some fresh air fill the room.


Additional/multi-purpose furniture


Bedrooms can easily double up as a place to read, draw, write and study.If you have ample space in your bedroom, you might like the idea of buying a desk and chair that can be positioned in a corner of the room or at a window. Here you can spend time catching up on correspondence, doing a bit of work from home or painting your view from the window.


If you only have a small space to work with, consider multi-purpose furniture like a vanity table that can also be used as a desk and a place to store items. Alternatively, you may wish to consider investing in a comfortable chair that will fit nicely into your room, and that will provide a perfect area for relaxing with a good book.


Add some entertainment


Your bedroom can also serve as an alternative to the living room and kitchen as a place to entertain if you have a small number of guests. You may wish to consider adding a TV. Most TVs these days can be wall-mounted, meaning you won’t take up valuable space. Buy a few bean bags that can be used when guests are relaxing in your bedroom, and stored away easily when not in use.


As you can see, there are many simple things you can do to transform your bedroom into a multi-purpose room. We hope you have found this how to guide helpful.