Your bed is the central part of your bedroom, and it deserves for you to show it some love. It’s where you spend a significant proportion of your time at home, whether you’re sleeping or participating in a range of other activities. You probably find yourself changing your bed linens throughout the year. Of course, you need to change your sheets regularly, but people also often mix up the number of layers they need to keep them warm. But you can take further inspiration from the seasons and alter the way you dress your bed to create a beautiful look for your bedroom, whatever the season.




Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite season, but some people love it. However, even if you have a passion for the cold months, there’s no denying that they are indeed less than warm. You might have a house with excellent temperature control, and you’re happy just to raise the heat when it gets colder. But many people would rather add a few extra layers to their bedclothes than use any more energy. Perhaps you add an extra blanket, use a thicker comforter or layer over a lovely bed cover. Layers look fantastic in the winter, and you can build them up to create a luxury lodge look. Use warm colors, including deep reds or blues, and add some lavish touches like a fur throw (it doesn’t have to be real).




When it finally begins to get a little warmer, you’re probably struggling with conflicted feelings about higher temperatures but a lot more rain. But spring is a time of rebirth, so you should take inspiration from nature and refresh your bed’s look. You can switch to lighter items, and take advantage of the increase in sunlight to lighten up your colors. Go for traditional springtime greens or yellows, or use fresh white sheets with a few colorful accents. If you want to see some hotel-standard bed looks, click here for creative boutique styles that will inspire you.




Now that things are starting to really heat up, you want to get rid of anything too heavy. Some people like to sleep with just a light comforter, blanket or even only a sheet when the weather changes. But even if you strip your bed of all the fancy thingy you have in the colder months, you can still make everything look just as beautiful. You’ll want to think about fabrics to help you keep cool, so look for cotton or linen to stop you overheating. Start with white sheets as a base, and you can add some light decoration, from a thin quilt to throw pillows.




Like spring, fall is a bit of an awkward season. It’s not cold enough to snuggle into piles of bedding, but it’s too cold for lightweight items too. As the temperatures begin to drop again, start thinking of warm colors as you move toward winter. Add some more layers to your bed, and take inspiration from the fall colors outside your window.