When it comes to living comfortably at home, space plays an important role. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are sitting on top of everything, in a small, crammed room. Most of us have to make-do with the space that we do have, as we aren’t fortunate enough to live in huge houses with an abundance of bedrooms and space. For that reason, here are a few simple, creative and effective ways to maximize the space we do have in our homes.


For those of you with children or a large family, you’ll understand that the bedroom is not just a place to rest our eyes, but also a room to escape and enjoy some alone time (and peace and quiet for the parents!) A great way to save space in your home, particularly if you have little ones, is to invest in bunk beds or beds with storage underneath. That way, you will be purchasing something that occupies two jobs rather than one, minimizes clutter and maximizes space!


 Furniture Arrangements

A simple but effective way to create an illusion of a bigger home is the way you place your furniture. Believe it or not, but furniture arrangement highly effects how much space you feel you have available to use in your house. A tip to overcome this problem is to place furniture against walls when possible, which then leaves the option of placing a coffee table in the middle as the feature of the room for example.


Lighting has a big impact of how big or small a room looks. Using lighting, both natural and artificial, in the correct way will create the illusion that your home has a lot more space than it actually does. Bright rooms always make a space look larger and more spacious. Lighting experts Lampcommerce believe that spot and wall lights are great choices for artificial lighting, particular for a kitchen. The Axo light range is better a choice for the bedroom or living area.


Redesigning your home

In order to create more space in your home, there is always the option of redesigning and building to do this. However, this would mean having to spend a lot of money doing so. If you still opt for this option, from knocking down walls to build an extra bedroom or to extending the property into the garden, there are many ways some DIY will create more space in your home. Particularly at the moment, loft conversions and building upwards is a popular trend.


A great way to maximize space in your kitchen is by using the space you already have. Take you walls for example, apart from holding the room together, what else do they really do? An effective tip is to use the walls as a great place to store kitchen equipment. For example, you can hang your pots and pans on the wall, and even your serving spoons and spatulas. Not only is this a great way to declutter your counter space, but also makes all of your equipment easily accessible when cooking.


 By using some of these simple, but creative ways, you’ll soon find yourself discovering all new kids of ways to save space in your home!