After the grueling construction process comes to an end, it is time to spruce up your patio, porch or deck. Decorating outdoor living space should be easy and is actually something that you should enjoy. The process needs not be expensive or time consuming. All you have to put in mind is the comfort of those who will be relaxing here; and your job will be easy.

lanternTo begin with, consider a sitting arrangement that is almost similar to what you have in the living room. They do not have to be alike, but the concept is similar. The conversational area should have seats and a table grouped closely together. Votive’s and candles add warmth and beauty to the area.

To make your outdoor living space usable even at night, place outdoor lamps and heater lamps. When selecting these lamps, go for those with washable shades which are easy to maintain. The particular positioning of the lights is up to you; feel free to get creative. One great idea is to tie the lights at the top of the deck, at the ceiling/wall of your porch or at the edges of the table umbrellas whenever applicable. Lighting adds elegance and makes your outdoor living space more inviting.

The choice of furniture should be made carefully since some materials are very sensitive to the weather. Go for durable pieces such as aluminium outdoor furniture. Keep away from materials that can easily be damaged by water or hot sun. The furnishings should be made of weather resistant materials, drainable cushions and water resistant pillows. Overall, the furniture should have an indoor feel and can include comfy sofas and chairs. The pillows and other accessories that you can decide to choose give you an opportunity to match and contrast colors.


In the area of ceiling fans, most people agree that dark colors work best, irrespective of the color of the ceiling and the surrounding deco. Espresso and black oil-rubbed bronze are some of the good types that you can try out.

Make the floors more comfortable by using rugs, whether indoors or outdoors. In addition to making the floor pleasantly soft, they also retain warmth during the night or in cold temperatures.

If your outdoor living space will be using for hosting guests, consider having coffee or dining tables which incorporate a cooler for drinks and a fire pit. This will save you from dragging out extra equipment when entertaining guests. To save on space, use multi-purpose pieces of furniture such as tables which have a storage area for cushions and pillows underneath. Add some life to the whole arrangement by including flowers and potted plants.

Apply these ideas at your own pace; there is no rush! You can begin with basic aluminium outdoor furniture or any other suitable choice, then improve on it with time. By the end of the decorating process, your outdoor living space will be that inviting haven you have always desired, where you and your family can spend quality time.