Most people want to optimize their home’s interior and have it look as good as possible. While many people naturally have a knack for interior design, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you’re looking to spruce up your home and lack direction, hiring an interior designer can be a great choice. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing someone.

Look At Credentials 

First and foremost, you should take a look at an interior designer’s resume and see how much experience they have. Some things to look for are education, formal training and the amount of projects successfully completed. Since the qualifications for this occupation aren’t usually all that rigorous when compared to other professions like architecture, it’s important to take notice of the years they’ve been in business and how many clients they have worked with. Although being new to this occupation doesn’t automatically disqualify someone as being legitimate, it’s usually best to stick with someone who has been at it for several years.


It’s also smart to conduct an interview to get a better idea of a person’s overall style and to determine whether or not they would be a good fit for you. For instance, you should first explain what your project will entail and any relevant details. You should then ask if they have experience working on similar projects of that size. You should also ask how much it should cost to complete your project and approximately how long it will take. If you’re on the same page in terms of budget and time of completion, then you are likely to have found a good fit.

Check For A License And Insurance 

Since there are several things that can go wrong throughout the duration of a project, it’s important to choose someone who is properly licensed and insured. This will keep you covered financially in case your home incurs some type of damage or someone gets injured.

Get A Sketch  

Along with this, it’s a good idea to have an interior designer provide you with a sketch that depicts what the end result will look like. This could be a sketch on pencil and paper or 3D model on a computer. Knowing exactly what a designer is envisioning should ensure that you are both going for the same thing. Otherwise, it’s possible to run into issues once the project gets started.

Ask If They Know Quality Sub-Contractors 

If your project involves serious alterations, then it’s likely that the designer will have to bring in sub-contractors to handle certain jobs. Consequently, you should ask about the professionalism and reliability of these individuals. They should be highly skilled and have a positive track record for getting the job done on time.

Ask About Payment 

In some cases, an interior designer will charge by the hour. Other times, they will simply charge a flat fee that covers the entire project. That’s why you should make sure that they have a payment system that you agree with and that fits your budget.

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