Redesigning your home can be expensive. Particularly if you are thinking about a renovation project. If you are, forget about it now. There is no need to renovate. You can get the same effect by simply redesigning your home. What is the difference? Renovation usually means ripping up floors, knocking down walls and general havoc. Redesign tends to involve buying new furniture and accessories. Which do you think will be easier? We have got some tips on how you can completely change your home without digging deep into your purse.

DIY Craving

Our first piece of advice is to not hire help. You do not need expert advice to change your home. In your mind, you already know what you want. There is no need for an interior designer when you know best what will make you happy. We suggest doing it yourself. Make a plan of the changes you want in each room, big and small. Pick a fixed budget and agree not to go over it. Then find out what you can and cannot do. Your finished list is your redesign plan.

Do not rule out the possibility that to improve your home you just need a few fixes. What is bothering you? Is it the lack of style in your house or is it that growing damp patch on the wall. Think about what is really important and what needs your attention the most.

Luxury Bathing

You can add a little bit of luxury around your entire home. But there is no better place to start than in the bathroom. For instance, you can add some jets to your tub and get that massage your partner refuses to give you. Or why not make things a little bit hotter. Websites like have a wide range of fantastic radiators. You can used them as towel racks and feel what hugging a polar bear would be like after you finish your bath. In the rest of the house, you could upgrade your kitchen with some steel furniture. Finally buy those leather sofas you have been dying to get for the living room. Remember, you have not hired any help or done any building work. You have already saved a lot of money.

Space Changing

But we can go further. Perhaps there are no changes needed. Instead, you just need to learn how to utilize the space in each room. Think about the furniture in your bedroom. Do you need it all? If you moved that so far downstairs you would have an open space. You could set up some new gym equipment and start getting in shape for summer. If your TV is resting on its shelf, fix it to the wall. You will immediately have more room than you did before. Your house will feel far grander.

Energy Saving

One final tip on how to save cash during a redesign? Switch to energy-saving light bulbs. You will save a fortune on electricity bills. You can use the extra cash to buy some designer lamps and other furniture to accentuate your room.