Generally speaking, people always try to bid goodbye to the middle man. For example, when you rent a property you would rather do it through a private landlord than having to incur stringent checks and letting agency costs. There are times when this can prove to be advantageous, as you benefit from less hassle and less costs. However, there are instances whereby cutting out the middle man can be very dangerous and highly confusing. One of these instances is when you are looking to hire an au pair. It cannot be stressed enough just how important it is that you go through an au pairs agency. Read on to discover why you should never hire an au pair independently.

How can you be sure that the person is who they claim to be?

This is the major problem associated with hiring an au pair yourself. If you use an au pairs agency then they will carry out a criminal background check as well as any other important reference and identification checks. You can be certain that the individual is genuine and that they have a clean history. Do you have the necessary means to carry out all of these checks yourself? The answer to that is likely a ‘no’. Furthermore, an au pair agency will be able to spot any fraudulent identification documents that may be hard for the untrained eye to spot.

Hiring an au pair revolves in depth analysis

When you hire an au pair it is not as simple as just hiring the first person who comes available. You need to be certain that the individual will fit into your household and that everything will go smoothly. Au pair agencies meet with the person first and they conduct a face to face interview. They get a feel for what the person is like and what they have to offer. They then use their experience in the industry to match the au pair to a suitable family.

How are you going to find an au pair on your own?

This may sound like a dumb question, but seriously; how are you going to? Agencies have databases filled to the brim with different au pairs. How many do you think you will be able to find on your own? It is likely that the number will amount to a figure you can count on one hand. The process is a lot more complex than imagined.

What happens if the au pair you hire isn’t suitable for your family?

If you go through an agency and you decide it is not working out between you and the au pair, then they will take necessary action to ensure you have a new au pair. You would not be able to do this yourself. You will probably have to persevere with the individual you have hired.

Immigration documents and visas

The au pair agency is responsible for sorting out the individual’s immigration documents and visa. Do you think you would be able to do all this by yourself? Furthermore, do you have the funds to pay for this? It is not going to be cheap.

So, it is quite plain to see that hiring your au pair through an au pairs agency is the only solution.