Wood can seem a coarse and rough material, often chosen for its sturdiness and heavy solidity. In the case of Secto wooden lamps, the opposite is true. The lamps are delicate and almost frail looking, making Secto lamps a highly elegant and artistic addition to any home or work space.


Forget all about the raw and untouched nature. The wooden lamps of Secto prove, that nature is only the beginning. With organic shapes and formations, often quite unlike what nature itself creates, Secto combines the natural and earthy feel of wood, with extreme refinement, creating lamps from glulam — glued, laminated timber. The results are beautiful and functional lamps, pendants and table and floor lamps alike. See more about Secto here.


Shades of nature

A significant trait of the Secto designs is, that although the designs themselves can be seen as a way of manipulating nature, many of the main characteristics of the natural wood exist within the design as well. The bending and twisting of the glued and laminated wood make it possible to shape the wood, creating artistically impressive shapes and formations.


But Secto has insisted on keeping the colors of their lamps in more or less natural colors, allowing the natural traits of each sort of wood shine through.


When choosing the color of a Secto lamp, there are several possibilities, all of them within the realm of what you might call natural colors.


Besides the classic choices of black and white, Secto also offers naturally colored lamps, where the maternal wood sort is origin to the color. This goes for the almost ivy-like birch, as well as for the warm and sunny walnut. Depending on the shape of the lamp, each color presents itself differently, making the light play beautifully in the room.


A light for every room

Secto creates lamps suitable both for living spaces and working spaces, as well as showrooms, stores and exhibition spaces.


The delicacy of the designs is well suited for most spaces, and are in and of themselves works of art, but are at the same time discrete enough not to steal all the attention.


The classical pendant lamps, the flagships of the Secto designs, has a timeless elegance that fits in to most spaces, being your dining room over the dining table or the foyer of your company.


Besides the pendant lamps, Secto also offers floor lamps, created of the same glulam wood, making it highly elegant and very functional for night time reading in the armchair in the livingroom or creating atmosphere in the office or conference room.


When creating atmosphere, wall lamps are a nice touch, and they don’t take up much space. Secto wall lamps consist of the same glulam variations as their other lamps, decorating the walls with comfortable light.

Finally, the beautiful table lamps add refined finesse to every table, whether it’s your home office table, your work table or maybe a table in the hall that needs some extra decoration.

Secto creates highly distinguished lamps, adding to the beauty and coziness of all rooms.