Children are the future of our planet. They will be the future presidents, prosecutors, educators, and engineers. Whatever we are teaching them today will have a great impact on how they will be someday. That’s why we must mold them to be responsible and kind beings. One of the basic traits that we should introduce to them is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We all know that we are currently facing what we call “global climate change”, and we have to do something that will make the Earth a better place. While your kids are young, teach them the basic things about preserving nature. Here are the simple ways that can help you shape your children to be nature lovers.

Introduce to them the three Rs

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You can start by teaching kids to sort out trash according to designated containers. Involve them in segregating paper, plastics, glass, and leftover food. This is a basic task that they can do at home. Help them understand what things you can recycle and what you cannot. Explain to them the importance of reducing the use of plastics and how this affects nature.

Take them to tree-planting activities

Trees are vital to nature and us. They give us oxygen to breathe, and they absorb carbon dioxide, which is harmful to us. Let your children know the benefits of planting trees. Invite them to plant trees and make the planting activity fun by doing it together.

Teach them to conserve energy

Learning starts inside the house, and one of the easiest ways to teach your children to become eco-friendly is to explain to them the importance of conserving energy. Teach them simple tasks, like turning off the lights when not in use to reduce electricity consumption and use a glass when brushing teeth to save water. These are some of the things that they can quickly learn. You may also introduce to them the use of solar energy. You can install solar panels at your home and explain to them how you can get electricity through those panels. If you live in Roscoe and want to start utilizing solar energy, check out environmental advocates recommend.

Being a good example is the best way to teach your kids. Children are curious, and they love to mimic what adults do. If you want to teach them to conserve energy, start by turning off the lights when you leave the room. Go to the bathroom together and show them how you conserve water. These tips may sound very simple, but they have a positive impact on our environment. Challenge them, but don’t forget to do it in an interesting and playful way.

Taking care of the environment is our responsibility, and we have to bear in mind that whatever we do has a bad and good effect on nature. By simply planting a small plant and choosing paper bags over plastic bags, you are already doing a big favor to the environment.