We are a nation of garden lovers; of that there is no doubt. The garden makeover programs over the last couple of decades showed us how much potential there is for our outdoor spaces. The features we can include are incredible, and they have changed our attitudes towards gardening. Many people no longer cultivate their backyards to grow beautiful flower specimens. They instead choose to make them exciting spaces for fun and relaxation. Maybe you can see how boring your yard is and conclude that it is time you spruced it up. Well, you have come to the right place. There are some spectacular garden ideas that will tempt you outdoors.


Ultimate Water feature

If you want water that you can enjoy, install a swimming pool. There is a couple of affordable options available to all of us these days; no longer must you be a millionaire to afford one.


  • Free-standing pools come as self-contained units that feature heaters and filters to keep the water warm and clean. They are of top quality materials and a carry extensive guarantees. You can expect to pay about five thousand pounds for an attractive model and more for larger units. They obscure the view of the rest of the garden and in my opinion, look like temporary structures.
  • Sunken pools are now an attractive option. Not so long ago you would have to construct the walls and floor of the pool from concrete, but we have other options today. Fibreglass pools are quick and easy to install. Excavate the hole, drop the pool in, and backfill around it. The filters and heater come in kit form too, so the project is easy.


Build A Gazebo

If you erect a structure in your garden and install a timer on the lights, they will switch on at dusk and attract your attention. You could build a bar inside a Softwoods gazebo and even fit a television in there. It could be like a private pub at the end of the garden; that is until your friends find out about it.


Extend Your House

If you build a garden deck outside your back doors and make it at the same level as the house, you are likely to walk out there more often than you do now. Look online for a guide to decking. There are many things you can feature out there; rattan garden furniture is all the rage these days. It is high-quality and comfortable; perfect for entertaining.


Putting Green

If you are a fan of golf (I will never understand why), you could build a putting green on the lawn. All you need to do is dig some small holes and line them with plastic pipe from your local DIY shop. Of course, you will become fanatical about the condition of your grass. The lightest lump of weed will drive you to distraction. I have seen it all before.


As you can see, it doesn’t take much to transform your garden to an attractive space. We spend too much time watching TV in the house these days, and we must do something about it; the garden might be a tool for which you are searching.