Falling in Love with Cooking Again

March 28, 2018

Even those who don’t mind, or even say they love cooking, can hit a slump when they enter the kitchen. Repetitive meals, lack of inspiration and motivation can lead to an increase in take-out boxes and frozen chicken wings during the week. Once you are in a cooking rut, it takes a shock of some […]

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3 Top Furniture Trends for 2016

March 7, 2016

At the forefront of interior design are your furniture pieces. Your choice of furniture will solidify the look and feel of your home. Fixtures, fittings, colour schemes, flooring and everything else will merely be seen as complementary to your furniture once everything is in place. If you’re building, refurbishing or performing a quick interior upgrade […]


How To Create A Multi-Purpose Bedroom

January 5, 2015

When we were children and teenagers, our bedrooms were an enormous part of our lives. Amongst other purposes, the bedroom served as the setting for long lie-ins during growth spurts, a place to gossip with friends away from prying parents and an area to study. However, as we get older, the bedroom loses its significance. […]


Why Nested Tables Are Making A Comeback

December 4, 2014

While once perhaps being more associated with 70s-style decor, nested tables are now well and truly back in vogue around the home. But their history goes back a little further than that.   Nested tables  first appeared in English homes during the 18th century. Thomas Sheraton designed and manufactured what he called a ‘quartetto table’. […]


The Essential Guide To Creating An Outdoor Play Area For Your Children

October 24, 2014

When you have young children, they have loads of energy. That means that they need a place to play that is safe. Creating an outdoor play area in your yard means that you can watch your children while they play. It is easy to create an area that your children will adore. Many people think […]


Spectacular Garden Ideas That Will Tempt You Outdoors

September 26, 2014

We are a nation of garden lovers; of that there is no doubt. The garden makeover programs over the last couple of decades showed us how much potential there is for our outdoor spaces. The features we can include are incredible, and they have changed our attitudes towards gardening. Many people no longer cultivate their […]