You might notice features such as the one in the image appearing on roofs up and down the country. The owners invested money to help lower their energy consumption and use the power from the sun to help them run their homes for almost nothing.


There are a group of people who have had enough of the unfair charges forced on them by profiteering energy suppliers. They decided enough was enough and made the change to an off-grid lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy a farm in the country to live a self-sufficient life. The efficient equipment can help you to make the switch wherever you are.


If I have your interest, keep reading to find out how it works. This article will open your eyes to a world of fascinating possibilities.

Heat pumps are the latest invention that enable you to extract warmth from the outside air and transfer it into your home. There is a detailed explanation of how they work at, but I will give you a quick rundown. Think about your refrigerator. It takes heat from the inside and transfers it to the radiator on the back. Heat pumps work in a similar way. Imagine the radiator is in your house giving off heat and the fridge is outside with the door open. Yes, that is an oversimplification, but I hope you can grasp the concept. Though the units use electricity, it costs much less to heat your house than gas central heating, for example. You can generate the power from home; there is no need to rely on the grid.


Solar panels are now an efficient and affordable way to generate electricity. Most people sell the excess power to their energy supplier, but for an off-grid lifestyle, you need to store it. I suggest that you install a massive bank of leisure batteries in a garden outbuilding. During the day, the panels will generate the power to charge them ready for when it goes dark.


Those who live on a slope next to a fast-flowing stream are in a perfect situation to build a water wheel to create all of the electricity they need. A large wheel that turns slowly can turn a powerful generator at high speed with a gearbox or belt drive. Not many of us can enjoy this solution, but if you are thinking about moving house soon, it might be worth investigation.


Solar collectors are an efficient way to provide all of the hot water you need. The bigger the unit, the more it will produce. The one in the image is a high-tech model, but you could make one out of an old radiator to heat the water for your garden hot tub.


You don’t have to change everything at once. Install one system at a time and live with it for a while before you move on to the next. You might have many teething problems, the same as other people, but you will overcome them. It used to be an exclusive lifestyle, but more people are turning to it every year. Do you think you have what it takes?