Flowers have been used since time immemorial to create an aspect of ambiance during special occasions like weddings, birthday parties and any other special event in life. However, it is important to note that you should be armed with the right information to create a stunning floral arrangement for such occasions. Floral arrangement is the art of creating flower centerpieces with an organization based on color and design. It is an art which should not be reserved for special occasions only, for instance, you can make your own as centerpieces for decorating your table using fresh cut flowers, artificial flowers and dried flowers as well.

However, majority of people find it very hard to enhance the beauty of their centerpieces because they lack the basic principles of floral arrangement. Even though the art of creating flower centerpieces embrace a plethora of principles, the following are the best ones if you want to make a superb arrangement of flowers for your centerpiece.
1. Design

This is one of the best principles of the art of creating flower arrangements that dictates the pattern to be used while arranging flowers. It creates a visualized plan based on the size and shape of the intended floral arrangement. As much as design is an important principle for creating the best arrangement, it is essentially dependent on location, occasion and the type of available flowers and materials.

2. Balance

Balance is another key principle that gives a sense of stability to the arrangement of flowers as it puts more emphasis on the materials used. However, this aspect relies on two other elements such as color and form of the arrangement. You should therefore bear in mind that in order to achieve the right balance, form and color are very vital considerations you should put into account.
3. Scale

This refers to the proportions of different materials, particularly flowers used in the creation of a floral arrangement. In most cases, it is determined by the size of the container holding the floral materials.
4. Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance

There are always two sides to any floral arrangement that can serve to deliver either symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. For instance, if the two sides of your floral arrangement have equal amount of material, then it is referred to as having a symmetrical balance. On the other hand, a flower arrangement with an asymmetrical balance is the one in which the two sides have unequal visual weight dictated by the amount of material. The color of the flowers to be used plays a big role to give the visual effect of weight. However, consider flowers of a lighter color if you want to create the best centerpiece.

5. Harmony and unity

This is one of the basic principles of the art of creating floral centerpieces that’s is based on the appropriate choice and use of flowers. It caters for how to blend colors of the flowers in a given floral arrangement such that they complement each other. It is important to ensure that the floral materials used are in harmony and unity.

These are the key principles that will guide you in perfecting your art of creating desirable flower arrangements, especially for the centerpieces to decorate your leaving room or dining table. You don’t have to be a professional florist, all you have to do is select beautiful flowers that suit your taste and preferences and arrange them based on these principles.

Inspiration and pictures Flowerbasket , online florist from Australia