Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to go on that mini-break you’ve been planning, probably for a year or more since the pandemic started. But now that restrictions have eased, and we are all enjoying the warmth of the season, we can start thinking about that long-deserved weekend holiday. But since going overseas may still be out of the question, why not think about a mini-break right here on our shores? Taking a mini-break within the UK is a lot easier, for one, and it is less expensive. But what else are the top benefits of a mini weekend break within the UK? More importantly, where can you go? Let’s find out.

  • You don’t have to deal with airports

One of the foremost benefits of taking a mini-break within the country is that you don’t have to deal with airports! This is one major advantage indeed, especially if you are still a bit on edge about taking a flight, like most people. Our holiday preferences may have changed as well, and more people are choosing to stay inside the country and exploring what it has to offer before going to other destinations. And the UK has a lot to offer indeed – from a leisurely stay in the Cotswolds to a restful holiday near the sea in Cornwall; you can take your pick from a lot of holiday destinations right here.

  • It’s better on your wallet

Let’s face it – even if you may have been able to save on holiday expenses in the past year, it’s still nice to know that you don’t have to spend too much on your next weekend break. And this is especially true if you are planning to go as a group, with family or friends. You can, for example, book a house for rent, and there are plenty of big houses for rent in different areas, from Cornwall to Sussex, Dorset, Oxfordshire, and more, and these houses even come with excellent features and amenities such as indoor or outdoor pools, saunas, gyms, and so on. In addition, staying in a big house or manor is often easier on the budget than staying in a hotel, where you also have to deal with a lot of other guests.

  • You have a lot of destination options

As mentioned, the United Kingdom has it all, from quaint and beautiful countrysides to stunning shorelines, combined with a lot of history and magnificent architecture and bustling cities. Do you feel like spending a quiet weekend away from it all and experience staying in a small village like one of the locals? Or would you like to explore a new city and revel in its vibrancy? You can choose from a bevvy of destination options, and you can explore a new area to your heart’s content.

  • It’s great for our economy

Let’s face it – the UK economy has taken a hit, just like other economies worldwide. So what better way to benefit our economy than going for a break or holiday within the country? A mini-break or holiday within the UK will help you support UK businesses, from small restaurants and pubs to museums, coffee shops, and the like. Taking a mini-break inside the country helps home-grown business enterprises, and it allows you to see the country from a different – and even better – perspective.

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