We all love spending time in our garden, whether we’re sheering hedges, planting flowers or tending to overgrown trees. In the winter, we might brave the winter weather (on the dryer days, anyway!) and get some gardening done, but, most of all, we’re probably looking forward to summer, when we can relax in the knowledge of all our hard work and spend some time putting our feet up in our garden.

And if you are looking for a luxury, classic aesthetic for your garden, then take a look at the following luxury décor that will undoubtedly enhance your property’s outdoor space:

A Sculpture

An artistic sculpture can make a luxury addition to any garden. The great thing about sculptures is that you can have one handmade to suit your interests or have a more custom sculpture.

Sculptures can be made from a range of materials, including concrete, glass, clay and ceramics. For help on choosing the right garden sculpture for you have a look at this guide from Period Living.

A Pergola

A pergola makes for a luxury addition to any garden. If you haven’t heard of a pergola it is an arched structure that features plants and makes for a unique, classic piece of décor to add a touch of elegance to your garden.

There are many types of pergolas that you can get, from ones which have a sunroof to protect you from the sun to ones that have a more traditional look and feel to them.

A Water Feature

Whether you opt for a small barrel water feature or a large water fountain that pours into a pond, a water feature undoubtedly makes for a luxury piece of décor for your garden.

If you have children and opt for a pond, they’ll love having a few pet fish to look after, while a smaller water feature can work well next to your flower beds, or even right in the centre of your lawn.

That said, in order to keep a water feature, like a pond, a luxury piece of décor, you should ensure that it is well maintained. If a water feature becomes damaged, or full of cloudy water, then it will have the opposite effect of luxury décor.

A Wooden Bench

If you’ve got enough space, then there is nothing more classic than a wooden bench featured in your garden. Think of the old-fashioned manor house gardens, and you’ll soon imagine the luxury quality of a wooden bench.

Oak wood makes for the ultimate luxury wooden bench. The reputation of oak means that you’ll have a high-quality, durable bench with a luxury aesthetic.

Hopefully the above four pieces of garden décor have helped inspire you when it comes to making your garden truly luxurious.

The above pieces of luxury décor are rarer pieces of garden furniture and will undoubtedly add a classic feature to your garden.