Seen The Quarry Tile?

If you thought that the concept of using a glass subway tile for your bathroom walls is unique, think again. Interior designers are finding ways to bring in unusual materials to decorate or use in the home interiors in order to add a unique look and create a different environment every time. One such unusual material that has come into vogue is the quarry tile. You might have seen the unglazed quarry tiles that are used in paving the footpaths and such places. Such a tile is fired on kilns and made of ceramic. There is no glaze added for color or for a glossy finish. If you are not sure where you have seen it, all you need to do is visit the fast food restaurant in your neighborhood and look into the kitchen floors. It is sure to be made of quarry tiles. The red square or the rectangular tiled floor will resemble the quintessential look of a quarry tiled floor.


Characteristics Of A Quarry Tile

  • Many think that it is a form of stone but not so anymore. While the original quarry stones which were used for making such tiles were in vogue before, today they are made from clay that is fired at high temperature in order to create a dense tile which has high compressive strength
  • These are ideal for floors that see heavy traffic or loads of foot traffic


  • The unglazed tiles do not show color variation even if they chip or get cracked

Benefits Of Using Quarry Tiles

The different benefits of using an unglazed quarry tile are as follows:

  • The quarry tiles are known for their strength and resistance to slip
  • They are naturally colored


  • They are suitable for outdoor use

Such characteristics make them the ideal choice for patios areas or walkways, pool surrounding areas and front stoops. One can even use them inside the homes in the bathroom floors or at the foyer. You need to ensure that the tiles are vitreous or rated for freezing temperature as well.

Sizes And Costs Of Quarry Tiles

There are standard sizes for the unglazed quarry tiles. These come in earth tones usually and vary from red to soft gray or brown shades. They can be found in large squares or hexagonal shapes. Such tiles in standard sizes or finishes are usually used when one is seeking low cost options for residential uses. These are also available in textured form with surfaces that are slip resistant. The eased or the tumbled edges lead to a wire cut finish. Sometimes these effects are added through special ordering. The quarry tiles follow the standard methods of installation unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. If one wishes to opt for tiles that will endure the wear and tear, one should opt for quarry tiles. For more decorative and easy to clean purposes, the glass tiles are more in vogue. For more details go here