If you are like the average homeowner, your home is likely full of do-it-yourself projects that you most certainly should not have done yourself.  Many times it is just better to leave it to the experts at Style by Carden Exteriors. Many times it is just better to leave it to the experts at Style by Carden Exteriors.. We start these projects with the best of intentions. But as we all know, the road to that place in the afterlife with the permanent overheating problem is paved with good intentions. By the way, that unholy HVAC system of which I speak…probably yet another DYI project gone wrong.

DYI is a time-honored tradition. It is a right of passage. In some ways, it is a test of manhood. DYI fever seems to afflict men in ways that most women seem immune. It is as if men have something to prove. Perhaps there is even some hint of truth in that which resonates with some part of our unevolved, lizard brains. But our higher brains need to keep reading. Because there are some very good reasons that we need to consider not doing it ourselves most of the time:

You Are Not Insured for That

If your house is blown to bits as the result of a licensed and bonded professional installing your brand new gas stove, That rubble is worth a fortune to you, as it will be replace completely with a new home and contents, probably nicer than what you had. If, however, it is destroyed as a result of you installing that gas stove yourself… Now, how much is it worth?

If the job voids warrantees, leaves you on the hook for damages, and has a track record of leaving people maimed, and worse, you probably should call a professional. Even if you have the skills to do the work, you should make sure you have commercial general liability insurance, especially if you are doing the work for a friend or relative. At that point, you’re a contractor. And you have to take responsibility for what you do.

If you are not sufficiently insured for the work, you can find a commercial general liability insurance quote online. According to Target Insurance:

This type of insurance is designed to protect policyholders from lawsuits and other claims, which is particularly important for businesses. If the policyholder is sued for claims that took place during the policy’s coverage period, they will be protected, and should be able to avoid financial peril.

It’s simple–make sure you are properly covered before starting the job.

Your Project Might Devalue Your Home

Let’s just cut to the chase: If you were a great carpenter, you would probably be a carpenter. The same is true for being a plumber, electrician, and landscaper. You’re not any of those things. You are an accountant, sales person, office worker. Binging on YouTube videos and maxing out the Home Depot credit card gives you just enough information and material to lower your property value.

If you ever plan on selling your home, a list of projects you shouldn’t undertake include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Backup home generator
  • Home office

These additions almost never recoup their investment. When you look at your completed project, you see blood, sweat, and tears. Your heart swells with pride over your accomplishment. The next potential buyer sees a bunch of unfinished ares that require a professional to come and fix before a sale can be considered. If a perspective buyer can tell that it was not done by a pro, you shouldn’t do it yourself.

You’ve Got Better Things to Do

Do you really have nothing better to do than spend your time spelunking through crawl spaces? For the same time and money required by that DYI project, you could have taken the family to Disneyland for the weekend. That would have been better than lowering your property value and increasing your liability, and for what, the pride of installing your next bathroom sink? If you want to feel pride and exhilaration, go skydiving. If you want to improve your home, call a pro.