We all will agree to the fact that kitchen is the heart of any home! It is a place where you can spend some “me time”. You will be able to speak to yourself, delve in your own thoughts, plan something, have your breakfast/lunch/dinner, etc. Thus, this place in the whole house should be well designed, decorated and maintained. Moreover, you will be able to spend some time with your friends and relatives or arrange for a small party in this cozy place. So, while you decorate your house or remodel it, you should definitely give ample importance to kitchen renovation ideas.


While you think of kitchen renovation ideas, you should give importance to the color pattern as well as ventilation of the kitchen. Though you cook food in kitchen which can make it look dirty, still it will be better if you could choose light colors. You should also ensure that you have enough ventilation in the form of windows. Apart from this, the windows will ensure clean air and light to enter your kitchen. Thus, your kitchen will look airy and well-lit. Moreover, there will be no bad odor in your kitchen.

You will also have to give importance to the appliances. However, before you do so, you should definitely think about the countertops on which you will be keeping these appliances.  You can install Caesarstone quartz countertops in order to add that glam factor to your kitchen. These countertops are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. So, you will be able to match them appropriately with the overall kitchen as well as your home. Moreover, as these countertops are available in different shapes and sizes, they can get easily fitted into any kitchen – big or small.


It should also be noted here that Caesarstone quartz countertops are hard and extremely durable. This is one feature which makes them different from granite countertops. Being hard and durable, the quartz countertops are scratch proof. Apart from this, they are heat proof as well. Moreover, as the material is non-porous, the changes of getting mold will also reduce. Moreover, food particles will not get tagged to the countertops. Thus, hygiene will be maintained to the fullest. Apart from this, as these countertops are extremely durable, you can easily keep all the major kitchen appliances on it. If your kitchen walls are brightly colored, then you can opt for lightly colored countertops. The contrast will help you make your kitchen look great.


Apart from this, to add freshness to your kitchen, you should place some indoor plants or flowering plants in your kitchen. Keep them in front of the window so that they can receive the sunlight as well as fresh air. These plants will help in keeping your kitchen fresh as well as well-ventilated. Moreover, they will play a great role in removing foul odor from your kitchen. The pleasant smell of the flowers will add to the beauty of your kitchen as well as the overall home.


So, the next time you plan to renovate your kitchen, think of these ideas.

(taken from Caesarstone Canada Website)