In the modern house, practicality is key. As one of the most important functional rooms in the house, it is important to combine style with functionality in the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen is essential to comfortable, practical living and there are a number of products available which can help you to get the best from your kitchen.


Design and Layout

A minimalist design with clean lines is a good way to make effective use of your kitchen space. Light colours, steel work surfaces or a monochrome aesthetic can all work well in smaller kitchens, opening the room up and creating the illusion of space. You will find that modern kitchens in futuristic designs are especially practical, making it easy to cook and move around. The latest advances in flooring technology include sleek, easy-to-clean tiles and hidden cushioning, meaning crockery and glasses are less likely to break if dropped.

Modern Kitchen More Practical


Careful planning is essential for a practical, easy-to-use layout in your kitchen. While many people find a central island a useful way to make good use of the space, others find that it can be an obstacle, making it difficult to move freely. Modern kitchen designs also incorporate a lot of storage space, allowing you to enjoy a clean, minimalist aesthetic.



The most practical modern kitchens also boast efficient, well-designed appliances to make cooking and preparing food easy and fuss-free. The latest kitchen appliances come in discreet, understated designs to help maintain a clean, sleek look throughout the room. From built-in fridges and freezers to shiny chrome cookers, up-to-the minute designs help to ensure that your essential appliances don’t ruin the look of your kitchen. Clever contemporary kitchen designers have thought of everything, from quiet-closing cupboard doors to hidden handles, combining style with convenience.


Plumbing and water supplies are an important consideration for a practical, easy-to-use kitchen. Dispense with the kettle and fit a hot-water tap so you can enjoy tea without having to wait. The most modern fridges and fitted-kitchen packages also come with built-in ice and water dispensers for the ultimate in convenience. Of course, in today’s caffeine culture a top-notch coffee maker is an essential piece of kit for the kitchen, giving you barista-quality espresso-based drinks at the touch of a button.



The kitchen is a very individual space. Modern kitchen design offers the facility to combine functional products which match your habits with stylish designs to suit your tastes. The kitchen can be a great place to let your personality shine through and contemporary designs are fun as well as functional. Some of the best-selling kitchen appliances now come in a range of colours, for a vibrant and creative take on the contemporary aesthetic. Whatever your culinary skills and interior-design preferences, modern kitchen design has something to meet your needs.


Caroline Reine is an experienced homes and interiors writer. She has a particular interest in appliances and plumbing, specialising in modern kitchens and contemporary bathroom design. Caroline writes for a variety of blogs and print publications and uses a range of resources to keep up with the latest developments.