When looking for the best place to live for peace and creativity, clearly there is no one-size-fits-all. Some people thrive in cities, others in the country, others in between. While there are as many living style preferences as there are individuals on the face of the earth, there are definitely some universal living characteristics which contribute to peace and creativity. We’ll examine these below and help you plan your living future.

  1. Stimulation Vs. Restfulness. Peaceful and creative people frequently need a combination of both of these traits when hoping to get the most out of a living environment. Too much noise, activity, and stimulation, and even the biggest extrovert can expect to get a little freaked out. But too little, and there is nothing to grist the mill of your creativity. Depending your preference for busyness outside your front door, there are still creative ways to give yourself a buffer, or to invite more stimulation into your life. Lend Lease houses for sale in Melbourne, for instance, are designed to give buyers maximal access to nature, in their immediate vicinity. Though located comfortably within the hustle and bustle of a real international city, simply having proximity to natural quiet is vital for many people to keep their sanity. People who have too much of one or the other can also make it a point to get away from home, into a contrasting environment. Doing so once a week can give your brain the kind of break it needs to feel peaceful and more creative.

  2. Socialization Vs. Solitude. People who live on a crowded street of rowhouses in Baltimore will have a totally different social situation than people who don’t have any immediate neighbors. Both situations have their pros and cons, but again, it’s important to find a balance. Loneliness is an enemy to peace and creativity, so people who live solitary lives need to make a priority to cultivate friendships. Similarly, people who never seem to get time alone need to make that time. For the latter scenarios, a staycation might be just the thing.

  3. Work Vs. Recreation. Again, we need a balance. If your lifestyle requires endless effort, it’s likely that you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends. But all play and no work makes Jack a loser. Some of the world’s most creative minds foster their talents by always learning, and enjoying the process. If you’re able to combine enjoyable activities with things that teach you how better to live your life (like learning to cook, training your dog, learning a new language), you can find that a more intense recreation is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This is more an art than a science. But it’s important to remind ourselves of these balances. So many people live with stress and discontent, not recognizing that they’d feel better if they just adjusted one or all of these situations. So take a peek at your life and make the necessary changes. You’ll feel better for it.