Finding the best mattress for you means knowing exactly what you need and want from your mattress. There isn’t a single mattress for everyone because of the variety in material, sizes and layer composition, so there are several designs for specific needs. This article should help you identify what needs you have, and therefore narrow down the best mattress.


All-foam mattresses break down into three types; polyurethane foam (also known as poly-foam), memory foam and gel-infused foam. Each of these foams have different advantages, so it’s worth knowing which is the best for you if you’re considering a foam mattress.


Poly-foam is commonly used in mattresses, various mattress toppers and couch cushions. It’s a low-density material, which allows air to flow through the foam keeping you cooler at night than other mattresses. It’s also not overly expensive to produce, so poly-foam mattresses are cheaper than other options. The downside of poly-foam is that because it’s got a low density, it doesn’t offer you the best support, and can sag after a few years.


Memory foam is fairly similar to the poly-foam, however, as it has an elastic property that the poly-foam doesn’t, it provides you with support whilst contouring to your body. Choosing a memory foam mattress means that your mattress can cradle and contour to your body, letting you sink into the mattress whilst still supporting you. It’s an ideal choice for relieving pressure points and any aches or pains. It’s also great for side-sleepers, as it provides much-needed pressure relief to the hips and shoulders. The downside of memory foam is that it’s expensive to produce and it can sleep hot, which can be uncomfortable for those who like to stay cool at night.


Gel-infused foam can be either of the poly-foam or the memory foam. It’s made by adding a cooling gel into the foam of the mattress. Adding this cooling gel into the foam creates a cooling effect and reduces the chance of the mattress trapping heat. It also adds more support, and so is a good choice if you prefer a firmer mattress. The negatives of gel-infused foam are that it can be more expensive than other mattresses, and the cooling effect of the gel isn’t particularly long-lasting. Through the night the gel will warm to your body heat, and so won’t stay cool until the morning.


Innerspring mattresses are also popular. Because of their use of pocketed coils that are individually encased in the fabric, it allows them to move independently of one another. This means that they provide great motion isolation. However, because of this system, the coils cannot contour to your body like some of the other materials can, so it may lead to poor comfort and pressure points. They also have a shorter life span than mattresses made from other materials.


Knowing what you want from your mattress is the most important factor when it comes to looking for a new mattress. For more information, look at the various Mattress Types from