One of the most important parts of your home is the bedroom. This is your personal haven, so it needs to be comfortable, organized, and clean at all times. You have to make sure that you can rest properly and sleep well here every single night.


Apparently, there are different ways on how you can improve or design your own bedroom. Depending on your preferences, you can make your room more stylish or have it decorated based on your personality. If you want it to look classier, smart, simple, or geeky, it is really up to you. You simply need to make time and put a lot of effort in improving your personal space.

Having a themed room is a great idea, since it really shows you own personality. This is the perfect spot where your passion or interests are reflected upon. If you are a nerdy type of person, then here is how you can perfectly turn your bedroom into a geeky haven:

Paint the walls

Whether you are a fan of superheroes, cartoon characters, or any geeky stuff, you can incorporate these in your bedroom walls. You can paint the walls with any colour you prefer or if you are serious enough in painting, you can decorate it based on your favourite cartoon or movie characters. This is all about careful planning, so you better think about it well before painting your walls. Also, you have to ensure that you’ve got all the materials needed first.

Choose the right bed

Solid colours look best when choosing the perfect bed for you. You need to pick out the bed that best fits you, in order to have a quality sleep each night. It is essential to invest on this furniture item so you can improve your sleep. In fact, there are different sizes of beds at Harvey Norman which you can choose from. You simply need to decide on the ideal one that suits your specific needs as well as desires. More so, to make it really look like geeky, you may add bed sheets or pillow cases that blend with your walls or the entire room design.

Place geeky furniture or stuff

There are several furniture you can add to your bedroom to achieve the geeky vibe. You can put a table, some chairs, or dressers that will turn your space into something that can fully represent yourself. In fact, there is no need to buy expensive stuff. Instead, you can do it yourself or just purchase the cheaper ones.

All in all, creating a geeky bedroom might not be that easy for everyone. But if you are truly up for it, then you can customize your personal haven into something that interests you the most. Furthermore, decorating your own room can be fun and the result will certainly delight you. It is amazing to see all your efforts turn into something meaningful. So, take these useful tips mentioned above when you need to customize your bedroom into a themed one.