Living in a small property doesn’t mean that you need to forgo certain elements. You can have a small but perfectly formed home if you use some savvy space saving ideas. You don’t need to have a country manor house to have the illusion of space. On the contrary, there are some fabulous ways you can turn your tiny home into a spacious place.


  1. Re-Think Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the hub of the home, but if you lack on space, it can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Re-think your design. You need to ensure that you are maximising the space that you have. Invest in a corner dishwasher and seek out the best parts for dishwashers by using things like Pinterest. You can add handy storage shelves to the walls of your kitchen. You can add hooks and hang your pots and pans. These make for a stylish feature but also help you make the most of a cosy kitchen.

  1. Is Now the Time to Get Rid of Doors?


The mere thought of not having a traditional door is enough to send people into a fit. But, if you want to create the illusion of space, getting rid of the traditional door is vital. Make sure that you create a plaster archway so that you dent have the door frame in place. This adds an open plan feel to your property, but you do have to spend a small fortune in the mix.


  1. Making the Most of Your Bedroom


When it comes to bedrooms, you need to have space. But, this can be difficult. Making the most of your small property may mean that you need to rethink ways of organising your things. Multi-wardrobe systems are perfect for this. Get drawer inserts and door hangers to put your clothes into. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your bedroom to have more space. Simple adornments are the perfect feature. So, add with care and make sure that you have storage solutions that fit your needs.


  1. Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet Room


If you have a cramped, dingy bathroom now may be the time to remodel it. Instead of trying to fit a bathtub, shower, sink and toilet into your small space turn it into a wet room. This means forgoing a bath, but it’s a simple and stylish way of making your bathroom looks positively spacious. You don’t have to spend a great deal on this. Floor to ceiling tiles and a sloping floor are vital. Voila, space is yours once more!