Designing a bathroom is an overwhelming task, especially for someone with no knowledge or expertise. From the color of the walls to the type of flooring, there are many things to consider. Read this article and we’ll share some ideas to make the bathroom one of the best spaces in your house.


  1. Get a Tub

There are endless bath tub ideas, making it hard to decide which one to settle with. This depends on the aesthetics and functionality you would like to achieve. The available bathroom space will also be a crucial factor. Go for a tub-and-shower combo if it’s a small bathroom. If you want a spa-like feel, we recommend a freestanding bathtub, which is sure to add a hint of luxury in the bathroom.


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  1. Go for White

For a minimalist appeal, choose white as the main color palette for the bathroom. From the flooring to the walls, white creates a clean look. The problem with white, however, is that it can easily get dirty, so you need to pay attention to bathroom maintenance. Take a look at these collections of white bathroom designs from Elle Décor for inspiration on how to make your space visually interesting.


  1. Add Large Mirrors

This is especially a good idea to make a small bathroom look bigger. Adding large mirrors create an optical illusion, making the bathroom look bigger. It reflects the patterns and colors in the bathroom to trick the eye and make the bathroom look bigger than its size. Position a mirror opposite a source of light to maximize the optical illusion.


  1. Incorporate Textures and Layers

Adding layers and textures is a good way to get rid of a boring bathroom. It instantly adds aesthetic elements while making the bathroom more comforting and relaxing. One of the best ways to incorporate textures in the bathroom is through the right tiles. You can also add wall accents. The mirror frame is another good way to add a texture in the bathroom. Even the towels and rugs will be an opportunity to add textures.


  1. Bring in Elements of Nature

The easiest way to do this is to add houseplants in the bathroom. Choose plants that can withstand the humidity in the bathroom. Some plants effectively absorb chemicals and purify indoor air. Utilizing natural light is another great way to bring in nature in the bathroom.


  1. Light it Up

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to design the bathroom. In most instances, adding lights will be an instant way to transform any space, including the bathroom. If space permits, a chandelier will serve as a great focal point while adding a touch of elegance. You can also utilize sconces and pin lights, which can effectively combine both form and function.


Take your bathroom to the next level with the ideas mentioned above. From adding a bathtub to lighting it up, there are many things you can do to transform your bathroom into a beautiful and relaxing sanctuary.