LG, Onida, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Kelvinator and Electrolux might be the current well-known brands in the Indian refrigerator market, but there’s another brand that is rising steadily by virtue of its great value for money products that come with impressive features and longer durability. This brand is known as ‘Sharp’.

The company strongly claims that all its products are made by keeping just one motto in mind and that is to simplify both personal and professional lives in order to achieve the right balance in life that can result in greater happiness. No wonder, the company manufactures products for both homes and businesses.

Sharp India Limited might be established just a few years back but it is already showing signs of great progress. The company manufactures a wide variety of electronic appliances such as LED televisions, LCD televisions, CTV’s, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, washing machines, air purifiers, home theatre systems, touch screen panels, solar panels and office products such as printers. All these products have gained impressive popularity in the Indian market within a very short period of time, and more and more consumers are now opting for Sharp products.

With the beginning of summer season, the demand for both refrigerators and air conditioners rises immensely in the market, and this summer, Sharp has planned to bring its most amazing refrigerators to the consumers at the best of prices. Sharp refrigerator price list clearly shows that Sharp wants consumers to get desirable features at reasonable prices. Sharp refrigerators are stocked by both showrooms and popular e-commerce websites throughout the country and can be availed by anyone. Although Sharp refrigerator prices are uniform throughout the country, there might be slight deviation at certain locations.

Refrigerators are an inevitable necessity for summers as the unbearable heat makes it imperative for people to drink cool sodas and lemonades and eat cold ice creams to get relief. Refrigerators also provide the convenience of freezing water into ice and keeping drinking water cool. These refrigerators also keep the food fresh. Good refrigerators provide consistent and uniform cooling to all the items and help preserve the taste and freshness of food.

These days, energy-efficient home appliances are being preferred by the consumers hence energy efficiency is considered an important factor in every appliance and refrigerators are no different.

Sharp claims that all its refrigerators come with all the features of a modern refrigerator such as hybrid cooling, LED lighting, deodorizer, etc. along with energy-efficient functioning and affordable prices. Sharp refrigerator prices can be viewed on the company’s official website as well as many home appliance websites. We are providing here the prices of some of the popular models for your convenience.

Sharp refrigerator model PK-49 costs 42,900 INR, the model PK-45 costs 40,300 INR, the model SJ-K44S costs 25,000 INR, the double door refrigerator model SJ-K35S costs 20,000 INR and the model SJ-K31S costs just 18,000 INR. Sharp offers variety in terms of both storage capacity and features. Hence one can choose according to one’s requirement and budget by taking a look at Sharp refrigerator price and corresponding features.

Buy a Sharp refrigerator this summer and enjoy summers carefree!