When you’re running a home, it doesn’t matter if you’re a carpenter, an electrician, or a plumber or not. As long as there is something that needs to be fixed, you need to fix it. Slowly, you’ll learn quick tricks of the trade, and while you might not be able to pull off a job as good a professional, these skills are at least very handy in times of emergency.

Here are some of the most common plumbing problems and tips on how to quickly remedy them.

1. Cracked Bathroom or Kitchen Seals

When there your bathroom or kitchen seals begin to deteriorate and crack, you need to immediately fix it so you can prevent water damage, leaks, and other plumbing problems.

How to fix this? First, remove the existing caulk around the sink or bathtub using a putty knife. If you don’t have one, you can also use a razor blade. Make sure that you do this thoroughly. Once complete, vacuum the remaining debris. Then, use a caulk gun and apply a new and unbroken line of caulk around the area. To make sure that the lines are neat, wet your fingertips and wipe them down.

2. Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet can cause a huge problem if not remedied quickly. You’ll not only be wasting water, but you’ll also subject yourself to an increased bill.

How to fix this? Examine the faucet carefully and determine where the water is dripping from. Mark it. Then, turn off the water supply to the faucet using the shutoff valve that’s near the sink. If there’s no shutoff valve, then you need to close the main water valve. After which, open the faucet to get the water pressure out. Cover the sink drain holes and disassemble the faucet parts. Inspect each one of them and make sure you wash them properly. If you notice that the plugged holes are blocked, use a penknife and clean them. Finally, reassemble the parts.

3. Running Toilet

A running toilet, while not necessarily disturbing, can be waste a lot of water. This is usually caused by a broken floater or stop valve. Some homeowners tend to delay the repair for this problem; however, it is not the smartest decision.

How to fix this? You need to replace the broken valve, but first, you need to remove it. Shut the water to your toilet and follow the manual or setup in disassembling the parts. If you don’t have one, you can easily buy it from a hardware store.

4. Leaking Water Heater

It’s protocol to flush the water heater regularly to extract the particles and sediments that settle at the bottom. However, this is mostly ignored by homeowners. As a result, the drain valve leaks can get damaged and start leaking.

How to fix this? It’s easy. You just need to shut off the water, drain the tank, and replace the valve. However, this process might take a while. To avoid flooding the area, you might want to get a garden hose end cap and attach it to the valve thread to cover the leak temporarily.

Final Tip

The tips stated above are just temporary fixes. If you wish to repair the plumbing parts in a long term, it’s best that you call the nearest Plumber Chatswood and ask for their assistance.

Maintaining the house is no easy task. However, it’s something that should be done and can be done. And you can do it as long as you know the basic tricks.