Back pain is a debilitating chronic condition that inhibits millions of people around the world. One of the most uncomfortable chores of back pain is trying to get to sleep pain-free. Many sufferers of back pain do not realize that their mattress could be adding to their symptoms by not providing adequate support. A high-quality mattress can ease the pain caused by back problems. Here we go over why a different mattress may help you to cope with back problems.

Pocket sprung mattresses

These mattresses are made through the sewing of springs to pockets of fabric. This creates a mattress with a firmer feel. Pocket sprung mattresses, therefore, provide significant levels of support to the user. However, pocket sprung mattresses can cause the user to be uneven. This means the back is supported and in a more natural, straighter alignment. This can relieve the stress on the typical parts of the back where the pain is found.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses sink in relation to the user, molding to the user’s body. The weight and height of the user’s body cause this to happen. The entire body will be contoured by the mattress, providing support. This provides a soft feel and redistributes pressure all across the body. Perfect for side sleepers, a memory foam mattress allows your back to rest naturally. Opting for a firmer memory foam mattress is beneficial as it stops your spine curving unnaturally.


Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam mattress in that they mold to the user’s body due to their weight and heat. Latex mattresses also provide a soft feel and distribute pressure across the entire body. This also relieves strain from the main pressure points across the back. Latex mattresses have the advantage of being more breathable than memory foam mattresses. This means that using a latex mattress won’t cause the user to overheat at any point.

What would suit you?

The only effective way of finding out which mattress type would suit you best is by testing. Many mattress shops allow testing inside and many online manufacturers offer free trials on their mattress. Pocket sprung, memory foam and latex mattresses can suit different kinds of back pain so test out the different kinds to see what works for you. All three mattress types are good choices for those who suffer from back pains and any high-quality mattress will reduce back pain significantly.

When you’re looking for a mattress to buy, remember these tips to help you choose the right one to suit your back problems. Chronic back pain is a serious, debilitating condition and any step towards mitigating the symptoms should be taken.