In real estate, dark colours and cramped rooms are not so good. So a little light and making the most out of the space provided goes a long way. If you’re trying to sell your property, Rentify property management and other estate agents will always agree that a light and airy interior design is what makes the big bucks. However, if you just fancy a few interior decor tips, then you’re in the right place as we bestow some inspiration on the latest wallpaper trends..

Wallpaper Trends

In our minds, there are 3 main wallpaper trends this year:

Art Deco

Pictorial and/or graphic


How to Choose your Pattern

First and foremost it’s important that you choose a design that suits the scale of your home. For example, small floras and patterns look great on walks with high ceilings. Also, try and consider what you use the room most for, i.e. daytime or night – entertaining or relaxation.

For an evening room, you can create intensity and ambiance with dark, rich colours such as plum or mahogany – lifted with brass, gold or silver tones. Placing a large mirror in the room will instantly make the room look larger and reflect enough light into the room.

If you want a wallcovering to be the focus of the room, pick out the main colours from the design and repeat them in plain fabrics and painted woodwork (i.e. cushions). It will make the room flow without looking trashy or painful to the eye.

If you like the eclectic look, you can team up with archive wallpaper and modern furniture. Curvy furniture will complement the curves in your wallpaper design.

If you want a ‘day/relaxing’ room – try adding a floral wallcovering against white walls, teamed with white furniture. This will make the room appear bigger and fresher.

If you’re looking to completely renovate your house, open Floor plans will make even the smallest house feel light and airy. It’s a great a great space for entertainment and you will instantly feel a little braver combining bold colours and fabrics with modern furnishings you never thought you’d be able use. A key thing to remember during decision making process, make sure your wallpaper choice won’t make a statement you’ll later regret. What we mean to say is, don’t buy on a whim. Shop around and do some testing before hand. What might look nice in a showroom, doesn’t mean it will look as nice on your four walls.