What would two Harvard dropouts know about keeping a house clean? In some ways, nothing; in other ways, a lot more than you’d think. In recent years, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua left their (filthy dirty) dorm room at Harvard Business School and started a business that is keeping tens of thousands of homes clean. Get their app, and you could do the same for your house, with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Handy is the world’s leading house cleaning platform. After three years and over a million bookings, Handy is going national. When Hanrahan and Dua first started the company, there was no such service that existed only online. That turned out to be the kicker. Customers can make bookings, schedule and reschedule, pay, and leave custom instructions (like feeding the cat), without ever making a call or looking around for cash.

The key to a successful company like this getting up to scale is quality. The founders of Handy may not have graduated, but they know a thing or two about grading. When you book with Handy, you can grade the person who cleans your home, and compare grades of all the other Handy cleaning professionals in your area.

You’ve likely noticed business models like this one emerging in different industries (hotels, taxis, car sharing). In each one of those cases, you know that the overwhelming majority of customers have been very happy with how much easier these new businesses make these everyday processes. Nobody thought that someone could make it easier to have a clean house. But that’s because no one had come up with an idea like Handy yet. Try Handy out and you’ll see the difference for yourself, both in the cleanliness of your house and the convenience with which you get there.

Startups like this also need money. The founders knew they had a good idea, but they didn’t know if the demanding VC community would agree with them. Turns out, they had nothing to worry about. They quickly secured $60 million in startup capital. Today they have over 10,000 cleaners in their employ with bookings in the millions. All signs suggest that all involved made the right decision.

Recently, the founders raised another $50 million to help with business costs, as Handy continues to become a household name. These two dropouts are laughing all the way to the bank…cleaning up, if you will. Many people say that business school is all about the people you meet, but sometimes it’s more important to learn from the mess your make.


Join hundreds of thousands and hire a Handy cleaner near you. All Handy employees are thoroughly vetted and qualified, though you’ll be able to tell even more from the way people in your area are grading them. If you book today, your house can be cleaned tomorrow, even if you’re out of town or away at work. Don’t live with a dirty home. With introductory offers and many satisfied customers all around where you live, there’s no reason not to let Handy give you a hand