As many homeowners know, a new sink can go a long way towards transforming a bathroom into an attractive and efficient space. Before you decide on a new bathroom sink, it may be helpful to get a sense for the many different options that are available to you. Bathroom sinks come in six main varieties: pedestal, console, vessel, undermount, drop-in, and wall mount. Let’s take a look at the difference amongst each type:


Pedestal Sinks


Pedestal basin sinks are particularly well suited to guest bathrooms, because they generally take up little space and can come in a variety of styles and colors to match any room’s aesthetic. What is more, guest bathrooms often require a sink with little to no storage space, and a pedestal sink can meet that need perfectly.


Console Sinks


These sinks are a good choice for small bathrooms. Some console sinks have elegant legs that help support the sink, while some models are attached solely to the wall, opening up more floor space. They are compact and simple, and many come with an attractive mirror that complements their modern style.


Vessel Sinks


For a memorable and dramatic look, it is difficult to beat vessel sinks. These sinks can rest entirely above the countertop, reminiscent of a water basin. They thus constitute an attractive accent to any bathroom, coming in many colors and shapes.


Undermount Sinks


Undermount sinks provide a classic, simple look to a bathroom countertop. Embedded into the countertop, the undermount style can minimize counter space lost, and from the side view offers a clean, smoothed-surface look. Because they have no rim, these sinks are among the easiest to keep clean.


Drop-In Sinks


Similar to undermount sinks, drop-in sinks generally rest on the surface of a counter, though these sinks have rims which often overlap the countertop. The rimmed design of these sinks can be especially useful in family bathrooms that get a fair amount of use throughout the day. For smaller redecorating or renovation projects, drop-in sinks can be a good choice, because they can be easy to install while retaining the existing countertop.


Wall Mount Sinks


The ultimate bathroom space saver, wall mount sinks attach elegantly to the bathroom wall and thus open up storage space underneath. Another key advantage to this style is that you can easily decide the height at which the sink is mounted for ease of access.


Pedestal, console, vessel, undermount, drop-in, and wall mount sinks are advantageous for the various sizes, aesthetics, and functions of different bathrooms. At, sinks of all six varieties are available in countless colors, shapes, and styles. Finding the perfect sink to match and enhance your bathroom may seem challenging with these many different options, but it is also a great opportunity to transform your bathroom.